Will Josh Duggar Be Sidelined During Sister Joy-Anna’s Wedding?

Jinger’s wedding and Joy-Anna’s courtship and later engagement, have all been non-events for brother Josh Duggar. Will the eldest Duggar sibling continue to be deprived of his family and TLC’s public affiliation when Joy-Anna ties the knot?

Images of Josh Duggar allegedly avoiding the cameras at Jinger Duggar’s wedding last November indicated the family was not ready to have him with them on TV. Given that the wedding fueled an episode of Counting On’s Season 3, Josh Duggar was carefully edited out, the Daily Mail reported. The Duggar family has drawn flak from both viewers and advertisers when rumors of Josh Duggar’s return to the small screen did the rounds.

Josh Duggar shot to infamy after news that he molested five minors, including four of his sisters, made headlines in 2015. While sisters Jill and Jessa were two of his identified victims who spoke about the alleged molestation, the names of other two girls were not revealed. However, police reports which mention an incident in March 2003 involving Josh and his then five-year-old sister, suggest Joy-Anna could have been one of his other victims.

With the Ashley Madison expose hot on heels and claims by porn stars, besides a legal suit alleging defamation, the older Duggar never got out of the spotlight. The family’s 19 Kids and Counting went off air indefinitely even as Josh Duggar’s public sightings became restricted. A comeback to Counting On was reportedly planned last year but advertiser pressure put paid to those plans.

More recently, images and clips of Jinger Duggar’s wedding served a reminder about Josh’s past when he reportedly hid himself behind his toddler son Marcus at the wedding when Counting On camera crew panned over to where he was sitting, the Daily Mail reported. A lens flare too may have been introduced to hide Josh in a few photos, some believe. It was also suggested that the film crew were told to avoid capturing Josh at the wedding.

Rumors of Anna Duggar pushing for a divorce from husband Josh have been around for long and resurfaced recently. It was reported the couple nearly split after Jinger Duggar’s wedding but the Duggar family released a photo of Josh’s family on March 3 greeting him on his birthday, indicating all is well. However, the image, allegedly taken six months ago, raised questions about not uploading more recent images.


One of the many theories doing the rounds is Anna Duggar may be pregnant and the Duggar family does not want that to be made public. Anna has drawn flak for standing by her husband. A pregnancy at this time could only invite more. Pregnancies and births, along with weddings, are among the events that fuel Counting On seasons.

While Joy-Anna’s wedding date has not been made public, hints have been dropped suggesting it could happen before summer, when a new season of Counting On is expected to be aired. As his sister Jill and other family members publicly shared congratulatory messages for Joy-Anna and sister Jessa Seawald who gave birth to her second child, Josh’s distance from all of it has been conspicuous.

Do you think the radio silence over Josh Duggar will end before his younger sister Joy-Anna ties the knot?

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