‘The Walking Dead’ News: Is Eugene Being Groomed For A TWD-Sized Death?

Eugene has only been on The Walking Dead for a little over three seasons now (since Season 4B), but it has been long enough now that TWD fans have acquired a special interest in his survival. But any fan of the show will know that producers for The Walking Dead like to build characters up and break the hearts of their viewers and characters by giving them a super-sized sendoff when the fate of their world descends upon them.

The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman reportedly joked around with the possibility of Eugene’s death while at the Emerald City Comic Con, saying that the show was going to kill off Eugene later this season, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. He then waited for the audience reactions and recanted his claim.

Grooming for a major death on The Walking Dead is the key here. Although this does not apply to Glenn’s death because he was groomed in nearly every episode from the beginning of the show, it does apply to the deaths of other characters such as Abraham, Deanna, Andrea, and Herschel.

Usually, the way this plays out on The Walking Dead is through a set episode or a series of episodes that focus on the character and gives viewers a chance to really identify with him or her. Abraham got that with his storyline that featured him courting Sasha. Herschel got that when he tended to the people in quarantine in the prison. Others got the similar treatment and there are really too many of them to go over in this article.

But what fans of The Walking Dead saw in Episode 11 was a special episode that took place solely at the Saviors Sanctuary. Although it did feature a lot of Negan scenes, it was an episode that was solely dedicated to Eugene. It was all about his wrecked nerves going into the Sanctuary and his subsequent submission to Negan that ended up with him essentially swearing his allegiance to the regional dictator.

That episode of The Walking Dead definitely had its complexities, but the real message to TWD fans was that Eugene has turned his back on Rick and the core group, thus serving Negan only. In and of itself, that was a heartbreaker, but it could have also left fans of The Walking Dead agitated or mad.

Of course, that is what producers of The Walking Dead want in order for him to be properly groomed for an epic death on TWD. It is not enough for him to have his head beaten in by Negan or to fall victim to a walker bite. Those are the kind of things that happen to minor characters and rarely do they happen to major characters on the show. They are, after all, the strong survivors that have made it this long without dying, so they have earned the respect of going out like a warrior, or so theory would suggest.

So how can this all play out on The Walking Dead? Well, there are two likely scenarios that happen in this situation. First, the most likely scenario is that Eugene told Negan what he wanted to hear and when Rick and the core group attacks, he double-crosses Negan at a clutch moment to give Rick the victory, but not before Negan gets one death blow in on Eugene.

The next scenario is the one that fans of The Walking Dead dread the most. That is where Eugene is serious about his allegiance to Negan and in some way gives his new boss the tools he needs to win against Rick. In this case, Rick and the group find out about it after their victory and in another heartbreaking moment, Rick decides to execute Eugene for being a traitor.

In the second scenario for the death of Eugene on The Walking Dead, that would only really happen if there is another major death that occurs before Eugene, thus leading Rick to his moment of temporary insanity blaming Eugene for this character’s death.

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