Winona Ryder Reunites With Tim Burton For The Killers Music Video

For those who have enjoyed Winona Ryder in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice, you might have yet another reason to rejoice. It’s reported that Ryder and Burton will reunite for the second time this year, and this time it’s for a music video.

The prolific actress is said to shoot the video with Tim Burton at the Tower Ballroom in the English seaside resort on Thursday. This video shoot is important for the band, as it was just two days ago that the band was forced to cut a concert short, after heartthrob and lead singer Brandon Flowers had a vocal injury, that caused him to lose his voice. In addition, following that concert, The Killers were forced a second show on Wednesday, but both shows have been rescheduled for February.

It’s not yet known what Winona Ryder’s role will be in the new Killers music video, or what single it will be for, but we’re sure that it will be terrific under the vision of Tim Burton. He always brings out the best in Ryder, who hit a career snag in the millennium, following her 2001 arrest for shoplifting in Beverly Hills. Her last project with Burton was earlier in the year in his animated Frankenweenie feature film.

Of working with Burton, Winona told Collider:

“If you feel like you want to talk about something, you can. You just don’t need to. It’s that telepathic thing that happens. With all of the darkness that’s associated with him, there’s so much heart, in all of his movies. With Ed Wood, I sobbed. With Frankenweenie, I was crying. With Edward Scissorhands, I always cry. There’s always an incredible amount of purity, even if they look a certain way. Elsa was based on Lydia from Beetlejuice, a little bit. The reason that Lydia could see the ghosts was because she was young and not caught up in everything the way her parents were. That’s why, when little kids come up and say, ‘Are you the girl from Beetlejuice?,’ it’s such a wonderful, warm, amazing feeling for me. Being associated with those films makes me so happy.”

Are you excited to see Winona Ryder in The Killers’ music video?

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