Kim Woo Bin, Kdrama Star, Treated Like Criminal In The Philippines — Here’s Why

Kim Woo Bin, kdrama star of Uncontrollably Fond and Heirs, recently had a very strange experience while he was on location, filming his new movie, Master.

The handsome model turned actor was treated like a criminal for reasons beyond his control.

According to Koreaboo, Kim Woo Bin’s problems had everything to do with his name. Not his stage name, but his real name which is Kim Hyunjoong.

In what must be on the most bizarre coincidences of all time, Kim Woo Bin happened to be in The Philippines at the same time that police were searching for a criminal who was using his real name.

Woo Bin had to report to the police to get his fingerprints recorded and checked against those of the real criminals to verify his identity.

If he hadn’t done that, Koreaboo reports, Woo Bin would not have been prevented from returning to Korea from The Philippines. It was a serious situation!

What makes the situation even more bizarre is that the criminal the police were looking for is actually a woman. She was on the run for allegedly committing fraud, according to Drama Fever.

In an interview about the incident, Kim expressed relief that the situation was resolved and that he was allowed to leave The Philippines.

“Thankfully, it was resolved within a week. If I had not gotten help, I supposedly would not have been able to leave for a month,” he said, as reported by Drama Fever. “I got all fingertips fingerprinted and went through the whole process of documentation.


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As we mentioned earlier, the film Kim Woo Bin was in Korea to shoot is called Master. It also stars Lee Byung Hun and Kang Dong Won and follows a group of highly intelligent men who are involved in a fraud case in varying capacities.

As Drama Fever notes, Kang Dong Won’s character is called Kim Jae Myung. He’s a veteran lead detective who is determined to capture the movies main “villain,” a fraudster named Jin Hwe Jang, played by Lee Byung Hun.

Jin Hwe Jang, also known as President Jin commands the fraud group One Network. As you can imagine, based on his chosen “occupation,” Jin is a sleazy yet charming hustler who is always staying one step ahead of the police.

Kim Woo Bin plays Park Jang Goon. He’s President Jin’s brainy associate and the key to the entire operation of One Network. He’s torn about whether he should be working for Jin or living his life on the right side of the law.

In one interview to promote the film, Kim Woo Bin revealed that he used an unlikely inspiration for one of his scenes in the film: Beyoncé, Soompi reports.

In the scene, his character has to dance around an office, and the whole things was uncomfortable for him. So he channeled his inner “Queen Bey.”

“There aren’t many times I’ve danced in front of people, so I recorded myself dancing at home and showed it to the director,” Kim Woo Bin said. “My concept was Beyoncé.”

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