Ashley Benson Allegedly Dissed By James Franco, Seeing Justin Bieber’s Swag Coach For Good

According to RadarOnline, it seems as though James Franco’s Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson can’t make up her mind in the matters of love, and the always active Franco, is sleeping through it all to care.

Franco recently wrote a post for the Huffington Post dismissing his supposed relationships as tabloid fodder. According to a source, Franco is just being dismissive over the Ashley Benson drama that has ensued since the two were spotted holding hands in October. While Franco is insisting it’s nothing, the two have still been spotted all over their respective Tumblrs.

In addition, there’s this little excerpt by Franco himself for his book of poetry called “Strongest of the Litter”, that’s quite telling about the nature of their relationship while filming Spring Breakers:

When I acted in Spring Breakers (…)

And between takes, while they reset the lights

The beautiful blonde one-

A realization of someone’s dream-

Stayed in my arms and told me

She loved everything about my work.

Now it appears that Franco’s alleged diss, has made Benson go back to her ex-boyfriend and Bieber’s swag coach, Ryan Good, after dumping him for her Spring Breakers co-star. Before she made the choice to go back to Good, who she had been seeing for quite some time, sources said that Benson was absolutely “smitten” with James Franco, but Franco apparently didn’t want anything serious, says the source. “Ashley’s been trying to get back into Ryan’s arms because James is d—ing her around.” We’ll let you fill in the blanks.

However, that hasn’t stopped Franco and Benson from seeing each other. “She still has a thing for both of them though, so one day she’ll go out with James and then a couple days later she’s out with Ryan,’ said the source. Recently the two were spotted at a showing of the new Bond film, Skyfall, when the two had to be woken up after falling asleep.

Although Benson is still pulled to Franco, the source adds that she’s no longer taking him seriously, adding, “James just isn’t giving Ashley all the attention she wants and isn’t really committing to anything.” Recently the actress has been seen out and about with her ex Good, confirming reports that the two are reconciling, or have never broken up in the first place.

Do you think there’s something going on between James Franco and Ashley Benson, or should we put these rumors to rest?

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