Myles Garrett Wows Crowd At 2017 NFL Combine — Headed For The Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns have the number one pick in the NFL draft this year and there is no doubt who they will be selecting. That would be former Texas A&M Aggie defensive lineman Myles Garrett.

Garrett wowed the crowd at the NFL combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis with an extremely impressive performance in each event he participated in according to SB Nation. He would have been the likely number one overall pick no matter what, but what he did today at the combine solidified it.

The pro bench is an event where an athlete must bench press 225 pounds as many times as possible before your muscles give out. To put it in perspective, Isaac Asiata, an offensive lineman from Utah put up 35 repetitions in the event which is good for first overall this year. Myles Garrett put up 33 reps on the bench, which has him tied for sixth. When Kevin Durant was a rookie at the NBA combine he couldn’t even bench 185 pounds once. What that says is that Garrett is an extremely strong individual to be able to lift 225 pounds that amount of times.

Not only is Garrett strong but he is very very fast for someone that is 6?4 and 272 pounds. He ran an astonishing 4.64 40 yard dash time today and silenced anyone that may have had any questions about his speed. That 40 time is faster than what current Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry ran when he was at the combine. Landry ran a 4.77 and even though that’s pretty slow for a wideout, it also shows how abnormally fast Myles Garrett really is.

The vertical jump is another event that allows scouts to get a good gauge on an individual’s athletic ability. It basically measures how high you can jump in inches from a standing position. This event is usually where the running backs and wide receivers shine and show off their explosive ability. Garrett also crushed that event by posting an eye-popping 41-inch vertical leap.

That is what most people would call some serious “hops.” So serious in fact that his vertical leap is better than anybody at last year’s NBA combine where the highest was 38.5 inches. Considering basketball is a sport where most athletes can jump through the roof that speaks volumes to how much of a freak athlete Garrett is. His vertical is also higher than New York Giant star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr and we all know that he can jump pretty high.

Social media went crazy after Garrett put up those absurd numbers. Plenty of current and former NFL players and personnel chimed in on twitter to give respect to the workout wonder. NFL draft guru Todd McShay tweeted, “Myles Garrett is a freak. 41? vert. Really?” Reactions like these make it easy to assume that his name will be the first one called in the draft this year. Garrett has already been compared to young defensive stars Jadeveon Clowney and Vic Beasley because of his size and athletic ability.

If all of his talents transfer over at the NFL level he should definitely be a really special player for years to come. Possibly even better than the players he has been compared to. A member of the media asked him which quarterback he wants to sack the most and he answered, “Tom Brady.” When asked why his reply was “I’m a Peyton Manning fan.” Unfortunately, the Cleveland Browns don’t play the Patriots this year so he may have to wait a little longer for that opportunity. The quarterbacks that do play the Browns this year beware. Myles Garrett is fast and strong, and he’s coming for you.

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