Don Cheadle Reveals The Shocking Reason Why He Hates Donald Trump

Don Cheadle hopped on Twitter last night to reveal exactly why he hates Donald Trump. It turns out that Cheadle believes Trump is a misogynistic racist based on a shocking conversation that the current POTUS had on the golf course. After hearing what Trump is accused of saying, many are condemning the actions of the president once again while others argued with Cheadle about the validity of the claims, completely unable to believe that a public figure would say something so reckless.

The Oceans Eleven actor got into a heated argument on Twitter with a batch of Donald Trump fans regarding his dislike of the 45th President of the United States. For those who may have missed it, Cheadle has been very vocal about his dislike of Trump and the current Republican administration on Twitter. This time around, he tried to explain exactly at what point he decided that there was no coming back as far as his feelings for Trump were concerned.

According to Cheadle, while golfing in a tournament with a group of other white men, Donald Trump asked them, if they have “ever f**ked a n****r.” Cheadle went on to tweet more details about the one-sided conversation, stating that the others were so shocked that no one said anything. That is when Cheadle alleged that Trump said, “No, no, it’s great!”

Cheadle even explained that the other men on the course with Donald Trump that day were shocked at what their golfing partner dared to ask. Apparently, Trump thought they were disgusted at the thought of sleeping with a black woman when, in fact, they were completely floored that he would dare say something so brazen, misogynistic and racist to a group of what he thought were like-minded men.

Of course, Donald Trump’s Twitter following fan base attacked Don Cheadle, calling him a liar for making the accusation. They wanted Cheadle to provide proof that the conversation actually occurred as if we haven’t witnessed actual recordings of Donald Trump talking about how he grabs women “by the p***y” among other tasteless sound bytes.

Cheadle also said that the person who Donald Trump asked about his sexual inclinations was the father of a prominent female celebrity. The Twitter warriors asked him to identify who that was or who her father is but the iconic actor declined to throw his friend under the bus.

He explained that both the celebrity woman nor her father are interested in a battle against Donald Trump. Considering the war that Trump has waged on many of the others who dare defy him recently, it seems understandable that some may want to not rock the boat. Especially by waging such huge claims against Donald Trump without actual recorded evidence.

Just look at what happened when he was heard talking about women in such a horrible way before the election. Billy Bush ended up getting fired for seemingly agreeing with Trump, and the one who actually spoke about sex with married women, just walking up and kissing them and grabbing them “by the p****y” was elected president.

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