‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: New Set Photos, Oathkeeper Teaser Excite Fans

Warning: This article contains Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers.

On the same week that Game of Thrones fans learned they may have to wait until July to see Season 7, new set photos were leaked online to help soften the blow. On top of that, HBO aired the first teaser for the new season, giving viewers something to hold on to over the long months ahead.

According to fan site Watchers On The Wall, new Season 7 set photos surfaced on Reddit last week. The photos show a sparse bedroom that is thought to be from the Winterfell set at Moneyglass and an atrium could be part of the Lannister Casterly Rock set. We also see photos from the Wolf Hill Quarry location, a huge set in Northern Ireland that Inquisitr has mentioned before, with wights and wildings. Finally, there is a photo of Lannister and Unsullied soldiers standing next to Euron Greyjoy’s (Pilou Asbæk) ship, the Silence.

If the new photos weren’t enough to get fans excited for Game of Thrones Season 7, HBO upped the ante by dropping a new “In Production Now” teaser. In the very brief clip — it’s only 12 seconds long — we see a hand holding the Oathkeeper sword, which is currently owned by Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie), who received it from Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau).

Game of Thrones fans are already speculating about the meaning of the teaser. Could there be a specific reason Oathkeeper is being emphasized in the clip or is it just a random image? Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, as mentioned above, Game of Thrones Season 7 might not begin airing until July. That’s a major blow for fans who were counting on it starting up again in April, as had been rumored. In a new interview with the Independent, actor Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) potentially spilled the beans about GoT’s premiere date.

“I’ve been disappointing various people around the world because it was meant to come out in April. It’s July now, I think.”

“There’s going to be a launch and something special happening this year for the premiere. The bad news is, there will only be seven episodes and the final season starts again as far as I know in September,” he said.

[Image via HBO]

As Cunningham mentioned, Game of Thrones Season 7 will have only seven episodes, and Season 8 could have between six and eight. But that doesn’t mean fans should be disappointed — at least not according to Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont). As Inquisitr previously reported, the actor promised the shortened seasons will not be a letdown.

“They are taking the length of time it takes to shoot ten episodes to shoot just seven this year and six next year,” Glen told RadioTimes.

“There are fifteen more hours left in Thrones as we understand it, but that may change, but that’s as far as we know.”

“I think the scale and size of the set pieces, the world that is being created it’s just getting more and more extraordinary and they feel they need that time to shoot seven hours as opposed to ten.”

As for what to expect in Game of Thrones Season 7, Glen indicated that many characters would interact in new ways.

“This season you feel that the drama is moving towards its end game, more characters are overlapping so we are seeing a lot more of each other, than perhaps in the past,” he said. “In the same scenes, and we are going to the same places.”

What do you think of the new Game of Thrones Season 7 set photos and teaser? Are you disappointed the new season may not air until July?

Game of Thrones Season 7 returns in HBO later this year.

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