Katy Perry Pursues John Mayer Again — ‘Best Sex She Ever Had’

Katy Perry has reportedly reconnected with her ex, singer-songwriter John Mayer, telling friends that John was the “best sex she ever had.”

It follows a breakup between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who dated for many months.

“Ooh la la! Katy Perry and John Mayer are reportedly talking again after her recent split with Orlando Bloom and we’ve got the juicy details here!”

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A source told Hollywood Life that Katy Perry was confiding in John Mayer weeks before she broke up with Bloom.

Perry apparently still has a “soft spot” for Mayer.

A source said,”Katy Perry and John Mayer chatting again! She still has a soft spot for him and was confiding in him weeks before the break up.”

Katy and John are reportedly planning to meet up.

“Now that [Katy] and Orlando are officially broken, she’s planning to get together with him ‘as friends.'”

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The brunette Teenage Dream singer apparently said that her sex life with John Mayer was amazing.

Friends are reportedly predicting that it will be a matter of days before they hook up again.

“Katy said John was some of the best sex she’s ever had, and friends think it’s a matter of days before they’re back in bed together.”

John Mayer is known for his long string of hookups. The “Your Body is a Wonderland” singer previously dated Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Aniston, and a string of other girls.

Mayer raised eyebrows in 2008 when he gave an explosive interview for Playboy. Mayer angered many when he spoke about his lack of attraction to black women.

“I’ve got a Benetton heart but a f***** David Duke d***,” the singer said. Mayer defended himself by saying that he was trying to be funny but he was out of touch and he went too far.

Mayer also got some backlash for comments he made about ex Jessica Simpson. John told the interviewer that Jessica was “sexual napalm” to him.

A source told Hollywood Life that Mayer is plotting to get Katy Perry back now that she is done with Orlando Bloom.

The source added that Mayer was waiting for Perry and Bloom to break up so he could make his move.

The insider told Hollywood Life that the only thing holding John Mayer back is his fear that he will blow it if he moves too quickly.

“John still has a huge thing for Katy. He’s very happy that she and Orlando are done. This is what he’s been waiting for. It’s delicate because he doesn’t want to pick the wrong moment and come on too strong, but he will swoop in. He’s already plotting.”

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Katy and Orlando reportedly broke up because he did not want a marriage or children just yet.

The Mirror reports that Katy and Orlando split just this month.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom split because she wanted to get married and have babies and he didn’t, it is claimed.”

Katy was said to be eager to start a family.

Orlando Bloom already has a 6-year-old son Flynn with his ex, Miranda Kerr.

Bloom reportedly used his time with Katy to recover from his divorce and regarded the experience as a “healing” one but did not want to make the relationship with Katy any more serious.

A source said, “Katy and Orlando had a great time together. It was a great healing process for Orlando following his divorce from Miranda. But Katy and Orlando discovered they were on different pages.”

The source said that Katy is aware that she is getting older and should start having children soon. The issue was a source of “strain” between the couple.

“Katy wants children and to get married, while Orlando has been there and done that. At 32, Katy doesn’t want to waste any more time. It became a strain.”

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