WWE News: Matt And Jeff Hardy Win ROH Tag Titles, But WWE Return Still In Cards

Matt and Jeff Hardy made their shocking return to Ring of Honor last night were they would end up winning the company’s tag team championships, but is WWE still their official landing spot in 2017? The Hardy brothers made a huge return to ROH where they made a surprise challenge to the former champions, the Young Bucks….or the Bucks of Youth as Matt Hardy would say. With this big win, it seems easy to think that the Hardy brothers are working for only Ring of Honor this year.

PW Torch would claim that the Hardy’s would give up a lot money wise to sign a deal with ROH over WWE, but the ability to make their own schedule is huge. They would claim that an immediate return to WWE isn’t in the cards. It appears as though they did sign a contract with Ring of Honor, but at the same time many are skeptical of the deal, especially when all of this is happening at this point in the year. The Hardy brothers, even if they were going to sign with WWE, would not have been added to the WrestleMania card this close to the event. So it makes sense for them to do other things for a bit.

The details of the Hardy’s deal with ROH is being kept secret, especially the length. This rarely occurs, even in ROH. Of whom, hasn’t even confirmed the deal with the Hardy brother yet. If the company doesn’t, the wrestler is open about it themselves. When the Young Bucks and Jay Lethal re-signed with ROH, we knew the length almost immediately. That said, it would be completely easy to know about two major names in Matt and Jeff Hardy.

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Meanwhile PWInsider claims that only Matt and Jeff Hardy claimed they have signed deals with ROH, but the company has not confirmed this as of yet. It could be a small kayfabe angle being done, rather than a real contract being signed. This is a big distinction, but people would believe the signing regardless due to the fact that they just won the ROH Tag Titles. This is a tag title that has been on the list for the brothers for some time.

It is being rumored that the ROH deals are not going to be for very long, and very well could expire around WrestleMania time if they did, in fact, sign one. ROH likes to put on shows in the same area WWE puts on WrestleMania. With Orlando and various areas around it having multiple arenas to work in…it makes sense to think they’ll do this kind of show again.

That said, they would love to draw attention to their show and adding Jeff and Matt Hardy to the card would be good for business. However, many still wonder what will happen regarding WWE. Will Jeff and Matt Hardy go to WWE when they would get a nice offer from ROH and get to work with NJPW too? According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, talks were looking good between WWE and the Hardy brothers.

With that being said, it is unlikely that the Hardy brothers would be in good talks with WWE and the suddenly sign with another promotion instead. When the Hardy brothers left TNA Wrestling due to disrespectful contract negotiations along with a random addition of a 10% pay on all independent events they took part in, it was obvious that the two would bounce back.

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Everyone knew that the WWE was the best destination for them, as both are older but still offer a lot more than they once did. The broken gimmick is insanely popular and due to this, WWE wants it to be part of their company. We saw last night that the Hardy brothers are using this gimmick despite no longer being in TNA. This means that the rumors must be true regarding Matt Hardy owning the broken universe rather than TNA, who once claimed they owned it.

This means that the two could use the gimmick in WWE, which is essential to the Hardy brothers coming back. While Jeff Hardy arguably doesn’t need this gimmick to get over in WWE, as his stardom came from him just being who he was…brother Matt Hardy may need the broken gimmick to do anything major. He has gotten very popular across the world of pro-wrestling due to this gimmick, so it is a big need.

Due to the fact that it appears it can be used, Matt and Jeff Hardy could return to WWE sometime after WrestleMania 33 and be part of some very interesting storylines. Some speculate that the pair would return to the WWE SmackDown Live brand, due to the Wyatt Family being on the program. Fans have been fantasy booking a Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy storyline for a year now, so this may be the direction WWE heads right off if the two end up signing with them.

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