‘POTUS Must Be Removed From Twitter,’ Says Beau Willimon

After Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping in his Trump Tower, House of Cards’ former creator Beau Willimon took to Twitter to state that President Trump should be removed from the social media platform.

In his rant against Donald Trump, House of Cards’ writer-producer referred to Donald Trump’s alleging over Twitter that the former president of America had his “wires tapped” in Trump Tower before the elections in November 2016.

“How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy,” Trump tweeted from his personal account.

Beau Willimon added that the presidency of America comes with a huge responsibility, and Trump’s tweets have a “real and significant impact on the business of governance, world affairs and national security.”

Willimon added that Donald Trump’s recent outburst against Barack Obama gives a bad impact on other foreign leaders.

“That makes Trump’s tweets a national security threat. It emboldens our enemies to take advantage of his flagrant shortcomings,” he added.

He further added that Donald Trump’s recent outburst against the media makes “the argument for himself being a liability to the people.”

Addressing Twitter, he concluded the series of tweets by asking the social media platform to use their power and medium to help everyone who wants to protect this world.

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“In fact, with your worldwide reach and impact on the media, you have a duty to steer clear of accounts facilitating national security threats. Twitter is amazing. It connects the world. That comes with its own responsibility: to do your part in protecting that world.”

This is not the first time when the House of Cards creator waged a war against Donald Trump on his social media handle. Back in February, Willimon took to Twitter to send a series of 25 tweets forming his own “Declaration of Resistance” that showed his disdain for President Trump.

Beau’s “Declaration of Resistance” is modeled after America’s “Declaration of Independence” and in a series of tweets, he accused Donald Trump of conducting tyranny over states and even demanded his impeachment.

Beau’s started the series of tweets by urging everyone to come together to save the “Nation from a Tyrant.” In the rest of his tweets, the former creator of Netflix’s hit political drama series stated that it is the people’s right to make demands of Congress when such a form of government comes in power.

In the remaining tweets, Beau cited Trump’s injuries and usurpations. He also criticized Donald Trump’s decision of creating the cabinet that is filled with “amateur ideologues.”

Beau Willimon is not the only member of House of Cards who has talked about Donald Trump in the recent time.

During the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, Kevin Spacey, the Academy Award-winning actor who plays the role of America’s president in House of Cards, mocked Donald Trump and even called him a “disease.”

During his opening monolog, Spacey informed the crowd that amfAR regular Sharon Stone would not be attending the Gala- despite being a regular, because she is distressed by a disease called Donald Trump.

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“Foreign films contain two things Donald Trump hates the most: foreigners and reading. I don’t think I could ever vote for a candidate who wasn’t in favor of separation of man and face.”

Spacey also stated that Trump may enjoy the Cannes Film Festival but not for the same reasons as the others because “there are so many casinos to bankrupt.”

Do you think Donald Trump should delete his Twitter account for good? Sound off your views in the comments below and share why it is necessary for the sitting president to have an active social media account.

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