BTS' Rap Monster And Wale Meet In Korea To Collaborate On Major Project

Ashley Hoffman

American rapper Wale jetted off to Seoul, Korea, to link up with BTS member Rap Monster. The highly-anticipated collaboration that fans have suspected between BTS' Rap Monster and Wale is very likely to be in the works. On Friday, Wale uploaded a photo of himself in Itaewon and said he would be getting together with Namjoon, according to AllKpop. The rapper did not give further details on what the meeting was about.

Regardless, fans are elated as the rapper's meet up confirmed suspicions of a potential collaboration. Also, Namjoon is Rap Monster's birth name, so many were excited to see Wale call Rap Monster by his real name, as it illustrated a bond between the artists.

Wale showed appreciation to BTS by mentioning the Kpop group on one of his tracks. In December of 2016, Wale released the track, "Folarin Like (Nas Is Like Freestyle)" on SoundCloud. Kpop fans promptly noticed he mentioned BTS in the lyrics.

"Foreign feature from South Korea, BTS be the s***, we about to see it."

"A Kpop artist succeeding in Korea and getting noticed by the mainstream U.S. market because of the global scale of Kpop is completely different in every way from entering the U.S. market and competing with the mainstream artists there."


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As of November 2016, BTS members are simply focusing on growing as Kpop artists, according to Popcrush.

"BTS has strengths as Kpop artists, and they've made it to where they are now by playing to those strengths. Because of this, we will be focusing on BTS's growth as Kpop artists in the future as well... I think actively preparing for the U.S. market would be biting off more than we can chew."

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