‘Sleep Styler’ Curlers ‘Shark Tank’ Buy: Discount Code, $45 Or $39 Rollers Price

The Friday evening episode of Shark Tank featured a set of curlers called The Sleep Styler, a set of rollers that can be worn while sleeping that created a lot of buzz online for the product. The Sleep Styler rollers set made such a big splash that women are still buzzing about the innovative curlers on social media well into Saturday — with Google suggesting “The Sleep Styler discount code” as a popular search term.

The Sleep Styler curlers inventor appeared on Shark Tank, according to Heavy, when creator Tara Brown explained how much time it used to take her as an ophthalmologist and working mother who had to get ready each morning, a routine that involved using a flat iron or curling iron to make her hair look presentable. However, Brown told the Season 8 sharks on Shark Tank that attempting to get her hair together in the mornings prior to getting her children ready was a big task. Tara got inspired to create The Sleep Styler rollers, which are comprised of yoga towel fabric that wicks moisture out of hair and memory foam that make the curlers easy to sleep on, after dealing with her daughter’s hair.

Brown washed her daughter’s hair one time and braided the hair while it was still wet. When Tara took the braids out the next morning, Brown realized that her daughter’s hair was wavy and held the waves for a long time. After that, Tara was inspired to create The Sleep Styler curlers, because Brown said that other forms of trying to tame unruly hair with flyaway strands, like by using keratin straighteners and heat styling, caused damage to her hair.

However, The Sleep Styler curlers were deemed perfect, since Tara went to fashion school to figure out how to sew to make the original prototype of The Sleep Styler rollers. Eventually, Brown got a working model of The Sleep Styler curlers and sold 2,000 sets of the The Sleep Styler rollers since her launch date in August.

The maker of The Sleep Styler curlers found success on Shark Tank, and the website currently warns folks ordering a set of The Sleep Styler rollers that because of high volume, their shipments of The Sleep Styler rollers could be delayed as many as 12 weeks.

Another big thing being buzzed about is the price of eight six-inch rollers in each set of “The Sleep Styler Original” set, which is currently listed at $45 on the website. On Shark Tank, the price of The Sleep Styler set of curlers mentioned was $39, and as such, many women are taking to social media to complain about the price hike.

However, some of them aren’t balking at the $45 cost, nor waiting for any discount codes to be offered, and are instead purchasing the curlers that allow hair to both dry and style into curls while a person sleeps on their set of The Sleep Styler rollers.

The Sleep Styler boasts a unique shape that claims the curlers can style hair into curly or straight styles that are healthier for hair than using flat irons and the like. Whether having short hair or hair extensions, almost anybody can use The Sleep Styler product, claims the maker.

Whereas the website does not appear to be offering any discount codes as of this writing, they are running a promotion whereby five people can win sets of The Sleep Styler curlers.

“Win a Sleep Styler Hair Care Bundle Valued at Over $100. 5 Lucky winners will receive one set of The Sleep Styler Original, one set of The Sleep Styler Mini, Two Hair Ties in California Blue & 12 Champagne Blonde Metagrip Bobby Pins.”

The contest offers more entries to those people who perform a variety of actions, such as following The Sleep Styler on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, along with sharing information about The Sleep Styler on social media.

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