‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Trailer Released Online By Fox

There has long been rumors that Logan would be followed by a sneaky peak at Deadpool 2. This speculation didn’t turn out to be quite so true. But it was close enough, because it has now been confirmed that footage for Deadpool 2 is actually a precursor to Hugh Jackman’s farewell as Wolverine.

Over the course of Thursday night, and all day Friday, it became crystal clear that the first look at Deadpool 2 was connected with Logan. Leaks and amateur footage of Deadpool 2 soon started to appear on the internet, only to be taken down just as quickly by the 20th Century Fox.

But rather than just being spoil sports, 20th Century Fox have now decided to upload a pristine and official version of the first trailer for Deadpool 2, which you can view in all of its glory below.


As I mentioned before, the above clip airs before Logan, which hit cinemas on Thursday night, so those of you that want to see it on the big-screen should head to your local multiplex to do so.

At this point there’s probably a debate over whether this is actually a trailer at all. In fact the best description for the above footage isn’t really a teaser or a trailer, but instead it should probably just be called its very own stand alone scene. Whatever it is, the above clip is a perfect reminder of what made Deadpool such a success, with Ryan Reynolds immediately looking right back at home as both Wade Wilson and the Merc With A Mouth.

The clip was also chock full of gags that will have immediately provoked even the most ardent comic-book naysayer to chortle. The most prominent of which was the elongated lampooning of Clark Kent’s iconic ability to instantly turn into Superman, and put on the famous attire, inside a phone booth. Wade Wilson doesn’t have quite the same deft of hand when it comes to changing into his Deadpool attire. In fact, as the clip depicts, by the time that Wade Wilson has actually changed into his outfit, the man he is looking to save has been shot and killed.

That wasn’t all, though, because the footage also featured a Stan Lee cameo, as well as a volatile response to his mere presence by Deadpool, as well as Deadpool then using the corpse of the man he was supposed to save as a pillow. And since this is the precursor to Logan, the footage also concludes with Deadpool poking fun at the character, as he jokes about the fact that the mutant doesn’t have a superhero costume to change into, before then aimlessly slipping into an admittedly diabolical impression of Hugh Jackman.

[Image by 20th Century Fox]

This Deadpool 2 footage helps to put any lingering feelings that the sequel could be in trouble. While these worries were only minor, there’s no denying the fact that things haven’t been smooth sailing since the film was announced.

While Deadpool was inundated with sterling reviews, so much so that it ultimately scored 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, and amassed a box office total of $783.1 million, there was clearly quite a lot of conflict over which way to take the sequel. After the release of Deadpool it emerged that director Tim Miller and star/producer Ryan Reynolds had repeatedly butted heads over creative decisions on the film.

It has been alleged that Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds had several disputes over who should play Cable in the sequel, as well as the direction the film was heading in, as Miller wanted to make a “stylized sequel” and Reynolds wanted a “raunchy comedy.” As a result Tim Miller was replaced by David Leitch in the hot-seat, and we’ll get to see if Deadpool 2 can match its predecessor when it’s released at some point in 2018.

[Featured Image by 20th Century Fox]

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