WWE News: WWE’s New Power Couple Stalked And Receiving Death Threats

Power couples in the world of professional wrestling may seem like they have a lot of strength, but there are dangers waiting for them in and out of the ring. Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are indeed a real-life couple even if their relationship has not been played out on WWE television. While they are happy together, the professional world they live and work in has brought about the dangers of stalking and even resulted in death threats.

There are a number of real-life couples in WWE, but this one is not one that has been featured prominently on television. Dean Ambrose is the current Intercontinental Champion on SmackDown Live and Renee Young is working hard as a commentator and show host for WWE, and since the world found out they are together, it has brought about some issues.

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Dean Ambrose and Renee Young took time recently to speak with Vegas Seven and they talked about a number of topics including their careers and being together. When it came to the subject of them being together, it appears as if the rabid fan base of Ambrose has brought about more problems than anyone expected.

At one point, Ambrose referred to the fans as “psychotic” and Young referred to them as “insane,” but they said it in a joking manner, at first. Then, Ambrose got into his fan base and how his “Lunatic Fringe” character on WWE television may actually bring about similar fans.

That is also when he revealed how it has spilled over into his real life and even resulted in him being stalked.

“I have a particular demographic. I think I appeal to a lot of people who might have problems of their own [and] they relate to me. It’s cool when you can help and inspire people and stuff, but sometimes people just attach to you for strange reasons, [and] their behavior is not the best. I’ve been stalked, I’ve been—”

The reason he didn’t get to finish his sentence is because Renee Young spoke up and revealed how his fans have taken things a step further. Many of them are not thrilled that she is actually with Dean Ambrose.

“I get many a death threat. Well, I mean, there’s a lot of anti–Renee Young pages out there.”

Yes, people are actually sending Young death threats due to her relationship with Ambrose and some fans have taken it from jealousy to psychotic. Ambrose said he is happy they made this point because he has been stalked regularly “for the last two years” on the phone, in hotels, and at his home.

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Months ago, the relationship of Ambrose and Young was brought onto WWE television, and it was set to lead into a feud with The Miz and Maryse. That angle ended up being scrapped with John Cena and Nikki Bella taking their place in a feud that will lead to a match at WrestleMania 33.

Cageside Seats points out that Ambrose and Young are trying to keep things light and look at things in a bit of a humorous light, but you can also tell that they’re aware how serious the stalking and death threats are. Even through it all, they still love and respect the fans that adore them in a safe and normal manner.

Dean Ambrose may be the “Lunatic Fringe” and he may come across as a wild guy who can take care of anything, but danger can be everywhere. His relationship with Renee Young is one that is their choice and there is nothing wrong with being one of the “power couples” of WWE, but unfortunately, it comes with a price. The stalking by fans and death threats received are sadly a price that comes with fame, but they are not things that anyone should have to experience.

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