‘Beauty And The Beast’ Shows Emma Watson Is A True Disney Role Model, Here’s Why

Beauty and the Beast sweetheart Emma Watson is a certified Disney role model. The 26-year-old British actress definitely has a heart of gold as she continues to spread little acts of kindness.

During the premiere of the highly-anticipated Disney movie Beauty and the Beast in Hollywood, Watson stunned the crowd with her elegant ensemble – a black Oscar de la Renta pantsuit (accentuated by a golden rose brooch) matched with Burberry heels, Adir x LeletNY hair accessories, and Catbird and Anita Ko jewelry. The lead star looked picture perfect as she posed for the camera and stopped by reporters to answer a few questions.

Emma Watson looks stunning with her elegant ensemble at the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ premiere. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Looks aside, Emma also impressed the crowd with her big heart, proving that she is indeed a true Disney princess. As the Harry Potter star gamely answered questions with Access Hollywood, a cute little girl dressed as the movie’s main character, Belle, adorably crashed the interview. Emma, who was absolutely absorbed by their conversation, was taken by surprise when the mini-Belle appeared out of nowhere.

Emma quickly fell in love with the little girl’s cuteness and complimented her young fan, saying, “You look amazing!” The little Belle, who goes by the name Lyla, has a Beauty and the Beast book with her and proudly showed it to the real life Belle. Watson took the initiative and offered her autograph which Lyla clearly wanted. The tiny princess even spelled out her name “L-Y-L-A” which Emma eagerly wrote.

Fans were quick to admire Watson’s fondness of children, making them more convinced that she really fits to be a Disney role model. One fan raved about Emma, saying, “This is adorable! Emma is so lovely with children as she is in all things!” Another fan also commented, “Our Belle is lovable, isn’t it?”

On the same event, Emma also showed some love to Mario Lopez’s daughter, Gia. The father and daughter duo caught up on Watson and took the chance to ask several questions about Beauty and the Beast. The actress immediately gushed over Gia, 6, who happens to be a big fan.

Emma delightfully greeted the two and complimented the little girl, saying that she has “the most beautiful smile.” “Do you just give her everything that she wants all the time?” Emma asked Mario, still mesmerized with Gia’s smile. “I don’t know how anyone would say no to you for anything,” the actress continued. The two also complimented each other’s outfits.

Gia, who seems starstruck with the actress, asked a couple of questions which Emma enthusiastically answered. The young special correspondent asked Emma if it was fun playing a princess. Watson shared, “It was very fun playing a princess. It was even more fun to play this Disney princess. She’s very adventurous.” Little Gia also asked if Emma had fun singing and dancing in Beauty and the Beast to which the actress replied, “I love singing and dancing in the movie. I kind of only want to sing and dance in my movies because it’s just so joyful and so fun.” Check out the full interview below.

Prior to these instances, Emma also showed her concern to a reporter during an interview with M+ in London. Her co-star Dan Stevens was busy discussing Beauty and the Beast when she suddenly interrupted for a reason that every girl could understand. Apparently, the reporter had a smudge of pen on her chin. Emma, who clearly registered a concerned look on her face, immediately stood up and approached the clueless reporter.

“I’m so sorry, can I stop you? I’m so sorry,” Emma intervened. “I would—you would do this for me, and I would do this for you. You’ve got pen on your chin. I’m going to be so sad when you see this and I just—I just have to do this for you. I’m so sorry! I just—I know what it’s like to have something on your face.” Watson then reached over to wipe off the ink and even called in a makeup artist to conceal the remaining smudge. The reporter, who admitted to being embarrassed, expressed her appreciation for Emma’s kind act.

Make sure to catch more of Emma Watson in Disney’s Beauty in the Beast hitting theaters on March 17.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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