Danielle Bregoli: ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Continues To Court Controversy

Danielle Bregoli is no stranger to controversy, but the “Cash me outside” girl might headed for some legal drama after he string of headline-grabbing misbehaviors.

After getting thrown off a flight at LAX and getting into a fight in front of police, the social media star could now be in the midst of a real-life custody battle with a father who believes she is headed down the wrong road.

The 13-year-old viral sensation has enjoyed several weeks in the spotlight after her appearance on the Dr. Phil show caused a sensation. In the visit on a show about wayward teens, Bregoli displayed her fighting spirit and delivered the now-famous line to an audience member, “Cash me outside, howbow dah?”

Since then, she has gotten kicked off a flight for fighting with another passenger and stirred up controversy after posting a racy twerking video on Instagram Live.

About two weeks ago, Bregoli and rapper Kodak Black shared a Facetime chat that turned a bit inappropriate when the subject of Bregoli’s boyfriend came up and Kodak Black posed an explicit question.

“You ’bout to put that p***y on him?” Kodak Black asked as Bregoli laughed.

There has been some speculation as to who the “Cash me outside” girl might be dating, especially after an older-looking man appeared on some of her live videos. But Danielle Bregoli cleared the air to say that she isn’t dating anyone — though she did confirm her interest in the Florida rapper.

“I have no bae,” she told Life & Style, revealing that Kodak Black is her celebrity crush.

Kodak Black himself is in quite a bit of trouble. The rapper was picked up this week on a violation of his probation and house arrest after a plea bargain last year.

Police picked up Kodak Black after he made an appearance at a boxing match in Ohio and another visit to a Miami strip clip, which reportedly violated the terms of his release. The rapper is also accused of failing to complete a court-mandated anger management program, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Kodak Black’s lawyers argued that the appearances were both work-related, and that they plan to address the anger management courses in court. The lawyers said they are confident that he will be out of jail within the week, but in the meantime the rapper’s tour was suspended indefinitely.

Those incidents could lead to an upcoming courtroom drama. This week, her father, Ira Peskowitz, started a GoFundMe account to raise money in an attempt to regain custody.

In the fundraiser, Peskowitz hinted that his daughter’s behavior is the result of bad parenting.

“I’m reaching out to the world, humbly, as a father that was estranged from my daughter, Danielle, as a result of parental alienation. I have always taken care of her financially but was denied the opportunity to truly be a present parent and influence her life. As a result, Danielle and her future have been compromised with the lack of the love and guidance a child needs to be able to flourish in this world. I’m asking for help with covering fees associated to legal expenses to get her the proper help she needs to be able to have a happy and healthy life in a stable home with a strong positive future.”

Danielle Bregoli hasn’t responded to the reports of her father’s custody battle.

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