‘One Piece’ Chapter 858: Straw Hat Pirates, Bege & Vinsmokes Vs. Big Mom?

While fans may have wanted Sanji and Pudding’s exciting wedding to happen in One Piece Chapter 858, it looks like they may have to wait a bit longer before the highly anticipated event will arrive. As hinted in the recently released One Piece Chapter 857, there is one more thing that Luffy, as the Straw Hat Pirates captain, needs to do.

Currently, the long-running manga series is in the Whole Cake Island arc where the team had to rescue Sanji from an arranged marriage with Big Mom’s daughter Pudding. Fans are hoping that the marriage will finally happen in One Piece Chapter 858 as it is most likely the climax of the arc. The Straw Hat Pirates are already aware of Big Mom’s sinister plans – to kill the entire Vinsmoke clan during the ceremony and gain control of their clone army, the Germa 66.

However, recent plot developments suggest that the wedding might not happen in the coming One Piece Chapter 858 just yet. The previous chapter, which can be viewed in Manga Stream, introduced another player who would play a very important role when the event unfolds.

Titled “Rook,” One Piece Chapter 857 introduced a new character, Capone “Gang” Bege. As narrated by Jinbe, the character earned quite a reputation in the underworld. Bege is the head of one of the Five Great Families of the West who specialize in eliminating the boss of any group that opposes him.

This time, Bege has set his sights on the Yonko, Big Mom herself. As Jinbe suggested, it would be the perfect opportunity for Luffy to ally with Bege and join forces against their common enemy. In addition, Bege could also grant them access to the wedding because he already gained Big Mom’s trust. In fact, the Yonko put him and his men in charge of the security detail during the big event.

But teaming up with Bege is not a popular idea among the Straw Hat Pirates currently in Whole Cake Island. It was revealed that Bege attempted to drown Pekoms when he refused to join their group against Big Mom to ensure that none of their plans leak out to the Yonko. In fact, the other Straw Hat members already voted four to two against joining forces with Bege for that reason.

However, the last say on the matter would be Luffy being their captain. In the previous chapter, it appears that Luffy finally understood Jinbe’s reasoning. Since Bege and his men have already made meticulous preparations for taking out Big Mom, One Piece Chapter 858 spoilers suggest that Luffy might just overlook what they did to Pekoms at the moment and enter into a temporary alliance with the group. As they say, an enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The previous chapter ended with a scene showing Capone “Gang” Bege and his men in their quarters waiting for Luffy and the rest Straw Hats to arrive. Apparently, his group is also open to negotiation. They were previously approached by Jinbe and agreed that they can’t really afford to make more enemies than necessary and an alliance will likely happen in One Piece 858 unless Luffy does something inappropriate.

With the combined might of Bege and the Straw Hat Pirates against Big Mom, the wedding ceremony, which could happen in One Piece Chapter 858, is bound to be one explosive event. Things will get even more interesting once the Vinsmokes realize Big Mom’s plot against them. But can they even win against the fearsome might of a Yonko?

One Piece Chapter 858 releases sometime next week. Be sure to stay glued to Inquisitr for the latest updates on the hit manga series.

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