Nicki Minaj Fuels Future Romance Rumors Amid ‘Shether’ Diss Track Ridicule

Is Nicki Minaj dating Future?

The twosome is said to have been talking to one another quite frequently since wrapping their video shoot for a song which the female rapper has yet to announce.

Fans are well aware that Nicki Minaj plans on dropping her forthcoming record later this year, so it’s assumed that the single she recently shot a music video for will be the lead track on the record that’s expected to hit stores by the summer.

With that said, however, sources have made it known that Nicki Minaj and Future have grown relatively close to one another in recent weeks, especially after the “Starships” hitmaker confirmed she had ended her two-year romance with Meek Mill in January.

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According to Hollywood Life, Nicki Minaj has been friends with Future for well over four years and judging by their chemistry during their secret music video shoot, the female rapper feels very comfortable being in the presence of the 33-year-old.

Having worked together on multiple projects in the past, Nicki Minaj has continuously managed to chart well with records featuring the “Rich Sex” star. It should be stressed, however, that their bond isn’t based on how many records they can sell as a duo, it’s more so about their comfortability and enjoyment in working together.

A source for Hollywood Life gives the impression that Nicki Minaj and Future have definitely grown closer as of late. Now that Nicki is single, Future hasn’t been shy to make it known that he is attracted to the voluptuous 34-year-old — their chemistry on the music video shoot proved just that.

“When they got a break during shooting, Future took her to get something to eat where it was just the two of them,” the insider gushes to the outlet. “He wanted to get her alone because he knows she’s going through a lot of sh-t with this beef with Remy.”

As mentioned, Future understands that Nicki Minaj is going through a lot right now, with her breakup from Meek Mill to being ridiculed by Remy Ma in one of the most critically acclaimed diss tracks in the history of rap. She’s somewhat embarrassed and defeated by the reaction from those who’ve branded her as a laughingstock for failing to respond to Remy’s direct comments on her “shETHER” track.

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It’s further claimed that Future has definitely given Nicki Minaj the support she’s been looking for in a man. During a break from shooting their music video, “he grabbed her hand, and simply told her that when it comes to female rappers, ‘Nicki Minaj is the best,'” the insider shared, adding, “Future told her to ‘never’ forget that, and then, he kissed her hand.”

From what reports have claimed, Nicki Minaj has no plans to retaliate and respond with a diss track of her own, despite the supposed fact that she ignited the feud with her infamous verse on Gucci Mane’s “Make Love” song, BET claims, which saw its release online just two weeks ago.

With lyrics including, “Everybody knows you jealous, b–ch, it’s so clear… I’m the iPhone, you the Nokia,” Remy Ma clearly felt the need to respond to the subliminal digs that she already knew were directed at her, consequently leading to the release of the diss track that followed a week later.

“shETHER” has since peaked at No. 2 on the iTunes top 100 chart, having sold tens of thousands of copies since its initial release on streaming sites such as SoundCloud and YouTube.

What do you make of Nicki Minaj supposedly getting close to Future? Do you think the two will get together and form a relationship in the midst of Nicki’s feud with Remy Ma?

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