Kylie Jenner Fears Tyga Will Cheat If She Marries Him: Couple To Split?

Kylie Jenner would want nothing more than to marry Tyga, but according to reports, the reality star is scared that in doing so, she will eventually find herself being cheated on.

Sources allege that getting married has been something that’s been on Kylie Jenner’s mind for some time, having often joked about being impatient when it comes to waiting for Tyga to finally present her with an engagement ring.

Behind the humor that Kylie has made regarding wedding plans lies the actual fact that Jenner does want to see herself walking down the aisle and tying the knot with the man she truly believes is the love of her life.

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However, according to Hollywood Life, every now and then, Kylie Jenner has those fears that marrying Tyga could potentially lead to endless arguments and the possible chance that she gets cheated on, consequently leading to a nasty divorce battle.

With the way their relationship has been going lately, Kylie couldn’t be happier, as mentioned by Mirror, who further insinuates wedding rumors. She’s even spending more time with Tyga’s son King Cairo, 4, which has strongly indicated that she’s determined to step up and be the woman that the “Faded” rapper imagines her to be.

After all, their eight-year age difference is quite drastic when considering the fact that a child is involved, a source adds. While Kylie Jenner is only 19, she knows that the baggage Tyga brought into the relationship is something she has had to accept — not that she ever had a problem with Cairo.

At 17, however, it was rather difficult for the socialite to comprehend the idea that she could potentially become the stepmother to a minor at such a young age. Now that almost three years have passed, Kylie Jenner knows what she wants and she’s determined to make it happen.

Her only concern, however, is that marrying Tyga could potentially change their dynamic, and before she knows it, Kylie will find herself hiring divorce lawyers and diverting her attention from her successful business to dealing with her breakup with the 27-year-old.

“Kylie really, really wants to get married to Tyga. But, she’s terrified that he’s going to cheat on her, and thinks if they get married it will stop him,” the source alleges.

“They’ve been together for ages now and Kylie thinks it’s high time Tyga steps up and does the deed. She’s got weddings on the brain, and all she can think about is dresses, and rings, and honeymoons. Kylie’s pretty much planned the entire wedding already in her head, now she just needs Tyga to propose!”

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The insider concludes by saying that Tyga sees no rush in getting married to Kylie Jenner. After all, if their romance is already going great, there should be no reason why the twosome has to tie the knot right away without having planned their wedding through yet.

With the rapper working on his next studio album while Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line continues to grow, the couple has busy careers that should be their priority, for now, Tyga has allegedly told his girlfriend of three years.

Marriage is something that they can always consider in the future, and if anything, this should reassure Kylie Jenner that Tyga is serious about spending the rest of his life with the 19-year-old. Waiting to get married will evidently have Jenner see that the rapper has no intentions of changing himself after tying the knot with the TV star — he’s madly in love with her and hopes to grow old with her.

Whether Kylie Jenner will ever see an engagement ring on her finger has yet to be seen.

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