‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stephen Nichols On Bombshell For Steve And Kayla

Days Of Our Lives fans are happy that “Stayla” is back together. Not only did Steve and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) finally reunite, but they had a Valentine’s Day wedding, which included the return of their daughter, Stephanie. So, what is next for the soap opera couple? According to the latest reports, there is going to be a bombshell that will affect the whole family. Recently, actor Stephen Nichols talked about what to expect.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what to expect on the NBC soap opera.

Stephen Nichols reveals that Steve and Ava had a son on ‘Days Of Our Lives’ [Image by Chris Haston/NBC]

According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, spoilers reveal that Steve will find out he has a son and Ava was his mother. As fans may recall from several months back, before Joey killed Ava, there was an international search for the boy. Steve was unsure if Ava was even telling the truth about them having a child together. However, the search yielded no tangible results and they believed that their child died.

However, on Days Of Our Lives, Steve will find out that he does have a son and he is very much alive. He will confess the information to his wife, Kayla. Joey (James Lastovic) overhears the news and as Stephen Nichols put it, the secret is out. What else did the actor have to say about the upcoming storyline?

“It is deja vu for Steve as it takes him back to the moment when Ava mentioned a possible child between them. He feels a sense of dread, and even though he is worried about how it will affect his family, he has a burning desire to connect with his flesh and blood.”

Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease that Joey will worry about his new half-brother. After all, he did kill Ava, but he is reminded that most people believe that the person responsible was Steve. The only ones who know the truth are his family and his on-and-off again girlfriend, Jade Michaels (Gabrielle Haugh). Everyone has promised to keep quiet about the truth, including Jade. Even though a possible half-brother brings back a lot of painful memories for Joey, Steve encourages him to stick to the story.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, James Latovic said a few weeks ago that Joey’s past would come back to haunt him. This must be what the actor meant by that statement.

On Days Of Our Lives, Kayla assures Steve that she is okay with him looking for his son. That is when he admits that his child with Ava has a record. Even though Kayla couldn’t stand Ava, she would never reject a child that belonged to Steve.

How will Kayla and Joey handle the news that Steve had a son with Ava on ‘Days Of Our Lives’? [Image by Chris Haston/NBC]

When asked if Steve has any concerns that his son could be just like Ava, Stephen Nichols gave a surprising answer. He isn’t thinking about the chance that his child could be a carbon copy of his unstable mother. He is more worried about how the boy will react when he finds out that Steve allegedly killed Ava.

“Steve is not concerned about that at this time. What is of greater concern is how his new son will react when he meets him and learns the truth; what is publicly known about what happened to his mother.”

What do you think of this storyline? Will finding Ava’s son bring nothing but trouble to Salem? Or will the boy be able to bond with his new family once Steve finds him? How will Joey handle all of this, and will Jade really keep her mouth shut about who really killed Ava on Days Of Our Lives?

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