WWE Switcheroo – Would A Roman Reigns Trade Get Rid Of Those Boos?

Roman Reigns is a WWE entity that doesn’t fall into one specific category when it comes to a likability factor. While many of the fans of the WWE see he more as the bad guy, he does have his own fan base that see him as a superstar. If there was ever a gray area in the WWE, the Reigns phenomenon could be the picture used for that heading. Reigns is one guy that has been stuck in a gray-like area for much of his time in the WWE. This is seen as he makes his way through the boos on his way to the ring with some faint cheers heard in the background.

Reigns is not considered one of the good guys and he hasn’t gone heal yet, despite the perpetual boos that rise up from the audience every time Reigns makes an appearance. Sportskeeda reports that Road Dogg recently offered up the evidence that Reigns is more loved than hated, and he sees this via the cheers coming from the crowds. He suggests that the WWE doesn’t want the fans who are not there to find out about those cheers for Reigns. Again, this is best explained as Reigns being in that gray-like area with fans polarized by his presence.

Vince McMahon has Reigns under his wing and it is more than likely he has definite future plans for the Big Dog. Last month McMahon hinted to a crossover for the WWE’s RAW and SmackDown with wrestlers moving between the two brands.

According to Forbes, what is blowing in the WWE wind today is the possibility of trading Reigns to SmackDown with AJ Styles going over to RAW, but Forbes, along with many WWE fans ask “Why?” Chances are this is all about the ratings, which eventually works out into money.

Forbes suggests that Reigns and Styles are probably more alike than any of the other WWE wrestlers when it comes to being cast by the WWE. These two “miscast” wrestlers are going against the grain. Despite the overwhelming chorus of boos as Reigns enters the ring, the WWE “continuously pushes” Reigns as “RAW’s top babyface,” suggests Forbes. The WWE’s pushing of “top babyface” for Reigns could quite possibly be the origin of those boos.

Styles is basically a “heel in name only” because the WWE fans respect him as a wrestler for the skills he brings into the ring. The swap that is buzzing online today of Reigns for Styles could be an excellent move on behalf of McMahon and the WWE when it comes to building a bigger fan base for both the SmackDown and RAW brands.

So how did this trade manage to make its way into the news? It was during a conference call regarding the 4th quarter earnings that McMahon hinted to a possible brand split and possibly switching up some wrestlers as a crossover between the brands in the future. He talked about the RAW fans and the SmackDown fans following some of the big talent from one brand to another if that were to become the case, as Wrestle Zone reports.

If the WWE has the intention of moving Reigns and AJ Styles around in a trade-like deal, the most likely place for this big announcement would be next months’ Wrestlemania. With an announcement like this, the WWE will be sure to get all the grandstanding this news can support. The word “fresh” is thrown around in a lot of the positive comments on a Reigns-Styles swap. It would give both the SmackDown and RAW some fresh matches and some fresh feuds for their wrestling world.

If they were to bring Reigns to SmackDown “it stops Reigns from being a square peg that WWE has forced into a round hole,” as Forbes puts it. Above all Reigns for Styles is an even trade and as both superstars have run the gamut in their current brands, this can also be like a new start for both Reigns and Styles.

When McMahon hinted to having a crossover between the RAW and Smackdown brands last month, besides switching wrestlers, one of the concepts was the fans following Reigns in his new brand. The same would go for Styles’ fans.

Quite possibly, this could bring a lot more viewers to both of these wrestling event shows, just from the fans following one of their favorites. Die hard fans probably wouldn’t give up SmackDown or RAW, if just one of their favorites were swapped. The most likely scenario is that they would tune into both SmackDown and Raw. This would ultimately mean better ratings for both brands with the bottom line being – more money.

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