Remy Ma’s Wendy Williams Video: Nicki Minaj’s Butt, Shether, ‘Not A Nice Person’

Remy Ma is currently making a big buzz because of Remy’s appearance on the Wendy show Friday with Fat Joe. While Joe explained the name of their new album means “Money or Bullets,” Wendy Williams explained that Remy Ma’s appearance on Wendy was already planned prior to Remy dropping her diss track against Nicki.

Nicki is currently trending on Twitter, with people wondering how Minaj will respond to Remy’s diss track called “Shether,” which was seven minutes of fire, according to Remy’s fans, as Remy talked about everything from Nicki dissing Mariah Carey to Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift. The video from Wendy’s show has nearly hit 40,000 views on YouTube in a short amount of time after being uploaded to YouTube on Friday, March 3.

Remy was sentenced to eight years, Wendy said, complimenting how much her husband “held her down,” which means he supported her and stood by her side when Remy was in prison. Wendy noted how much the reality star was doing a good job with her family, marriage, and children, who’ve remained out of the crime blotter, according to Wendy.

Eventually, the talk turned to Remy’s viral hit “Shether,” which was an epic 7-minute-long diss track against Nicki. Wendy asked Remy why she targeted Nicki, but Remy said her song was not a diss track. Instead, it was a response to the way that Nicki has treated Remy in the past. And Remy said she wasn’t talking about any subliminal disses that Nicki might have leveled against Remy on past songs.

No, Remy told Wendy about more sinister plots she claimed Nicki has enacted, such as trying to keep Remy off of red carpets or trying to get reporters to write bad reports about Remy’s album sales.

“When you’re trying to stop me from taking care of my children, I have a problem with that.”

Remy didn’t care about the record that Nicki’s fans said would end Remy. Instead, Remy said she wondered why a superstar like Minaj would be worried about keeping Remy off of red carpets.

“Why you worried about little old me? I just came home from prison — I ain’t worried about nobody.”

Wendy said she wanted to talk about Nicki’s butt to Remy since Remy famously mentioned Nicki’s alleged butt implants on her diss track against Nicki. Remy didn’t elaborate but claimed she did have talks with Nicki’s ex-boyfriend about various things since Remy’s ex and Nicki’s ex have both served time.

Remy told Wendy she would be friends with people and catalog stuff just in case she needs to open the file cabinet one day. Remy said she’s not waiting for Nicki to come back and say anything, but claims Nicki’s people are trying to remove the diss track against Nicki from YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

Fat Joe told Wendy he was a born-again Christian, and Joe seemed to want to stay out of it all. Wendy talked to Remy about the famous line claiming Nicki’s alleged butt implants dropped, causing Nicki not to be able to have sex with Meek Mill for 90 days. Remy told Wendy there were plenty more things that Remy could say about Nicki — but claimed she would refrain. As a bottom line, Remy said that she feels Nicki is not a nice person.

Remy came dressed for Nicki’s funeral and told Wendy that her grandmother said never to speak ill of the dead. While many people are waiting for Nicki’s response to Remy’s track, Wendy wondered aloud if, after one week, any response from Nicki would be too late.

Remy said that she realized she has to treat everyone with respect — from cab drivers to hairdressers and beyond — with Remy alluding to not-so-nice things about Nicki being told to Remy from all sorts of people. Remy said that some of the things folks have told her about Nicki are “going too far,” and she won’t repeat the stuff said about Nicki in public.

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