‘The Vampire Diaries’ June Wedding: Paul Wesley Doesn’t Understand The Draw!

Paul Wesley has admitted that he doesn’t quite understand the draw to The Vampire Diaries’ June wedding. All he knows is that the fans want it, so Julie Plec decided to bring it into the show. The first he ever heard about it was during the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.

While many fans will be aghast at Wesley’s comment about the June wedding, it is understandable. After all, in the first three seasons, it was all about Stefan and Elena. They were “epic loves” as Caroline often called them. At that point, very few fans expected to see Stefan and Caroline fall in love and eventually get married.


Vampire Diaries fans didn’t really start pushing for the June wedding until around Season 7, anyway. It was all based on a throwaway line in the pilot episode and only really became a possibility after Caroline chose Stefan over Alaric and Stefan had been saved from Rayna’s mark and could return to Mystic Falls.

Way back in the Vampire Diaries pilot, Caroline was telling Bonnie about the new guy at school. She shared that his name was Stefan and that they were planning their June wedding. While it was likely just designed as a funny comment made by an impressionably and dream-driven 16-year-old girl, it would cement the idea of Steroline becoming a thing in later seasons.

However, the writers didn’t realize there was a possibility for Steroline until around Seasons 4 and 5, once Elena chose Damon. The two had become best friends, helping each other through dark times of their vampirism. Stefan helped Caroline control her emotions in the earlier days, and Caroline was there to help Stefan gain some control over drinking human blood – although she failed at that.

Looking at it that way, it makes sense that Wesley struggled to follow the minds of the fans who linked into that one throwaway line in the pilot episode. It wasn’t as major for him, who had been through acting out the love story with Elena and then the heartbreak over her choosing Damon, as it was for the fans who had wanted to see Stefan and Caroline together for a while.

According to TV Guide, Wesley also admits that he never saw Stefan and Caroline as a power couple the way that Stefan and Elena were. He was surprised to find that the fans wanted it and pushed for it, which meant that he never expected that throwaway line from the Vampire Diaries pilot to play such an integral role now.

“I never in a million years thought Caroline and Stefan would end up being that kind of — I don’t want to say true love, because I think true love can exist in many forms, but I never knew that they would be equally as powerful as a couple. It was pretty surprising to me.”

Of course, with The Vampire Diaries Season 8 being the last season and connecting so much to Season 1, it makes sense that the June wedding is going to happen. There have been so many memories from the earlier seasons, including Stefan’s ripper stage, Damon’s darkness, and Bonnie’s hatred for one of the Salvatore brothers. There have been moments that reminded fans of Stefan’s time with Klaus and members of the group finding each other and themselves.


Now is the perfect time to include the June wedding, connecting back to the very first episode. As Wesley shares, it certainly pays homage to the fans, as they have asked for the June wedding since it was clear Stefan and Caroline would eventually get married. The downside is the June wedding isn’t quite a love affair. There is an ulterior motive to it, as it’s a way to bring Katherine out of hell to get rid of her and destroy hell forever.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 continues tonight with the Steroline June wedding that Wesley still doesn’t quite understand. Catch it at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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