‘Ghost Adventures’: Zak Bagans Teases Haunted Museum Has ‘Serious’ Activity

Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans took to Twitter on Thursday to tease fans about some “quite serious” activity that’s been going on inside his Las Vegas-based haunted museum.

The Haunted Museum “will be opening its doors soon,” according to the official website. Fans of Ghost Adventures have been waiting anxiously for the haunted attraction to open ever since Deadly Possessions aired on the Travel Channel last year. The Haunted Museum features a display of all of the haunted oddities collected by Zak Bagans throughout his ghost-hunting career.

Taking to his personal Twitter account on Thursday, Zak teased that the Haunted Museum has recently seen some “quite serious yet remarkable” activity from one of its newest objects.

The retweet prompted a huge reaction from Zak Bagans’ hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, with some asking for a “live stream of the place.” Now, with over 100 comments and nearly 200 retweets, fans of Ghost Adventures are telling Zak to stop teasing and either tell them what the object is or tell them when the Haunted Museum will open its doors to visitors. But Zak’s followers are left scratching their heads with questions since he hasn’t been back to the Twitter post to reply to anyone’s comments. One follower asked for “just a clue,” while another says that Zak just “enjoys doing this to us.”

Of course, a lot of loyal fans of Ghost Adventures and Deadly Possessions — both hosted by Zak Bagans — already think they know what object Zak is referring to, saying that “they would love to see her,” referring to Peggy the haunted doll. “Peggy the Doll” is reportedly one of the most dangerous paranormal possessions in the world, as shared by Dread Central, and was acquired by Zak Bagans not too long ago for the Haunted Museum. According to the report, Zak obtained Peggy the haunted doll from its previous owner, Jayne Harris from England, which he then featured on Season 1, Episode 3 of Deadly Possessions, a series that showcases some of the haunted artifacts in the Haunted Museum.

Harris, a fellow paranormal investigator as well as a haunted doll collector, claims that anyone who sees Peggy the haunted doll will become ill with dizziness, nausea, and even chest pains, according to a report on Week In Weird.

Harris said, “80 percent of the people who come into contact with Peggy experience some kind of bad reaction,” which can range from headaches to full-blown mania. That is probably why Zak Bagans is making visitors of the Haunted Museum sign a waiver before they view Peggy the haunted doll.

The Haunted Museum’s official Twitter account confirmed that visitors will have to sign a release after one follower asked if the public would be able to visit Peggy.

“Peggy the Doll will be displayed at The Haunted Museum, but releases will have to be signed should visitors want to see her.

“I’ve met many haunted dolls, including Robert the Doll and Harold the Doll, but none have ever affected me as bad as Peggy the Doll when we were filming with her on Deadly Possessions.”

The Inquisitr also previously reported that “Peggy the Doll” is, in fact, one of Zak Bagan’s newest additions to the Haunted Museum collection and that the Deadly Possession episode featuring Peggy even had a disclaimer for viewers about the “possible consequences” of having seen Peggy. Peggy the haunted doll supposedly harbors the spirit of a woman of Jewish descent — a former Holocaust survivor who was born in 1946 in London’s Holland Park and who reportedly died from a possible asthma attack.

Zak Bagans has talked before about the possible dangers of haunted objects, including Peggy the Doll, who he claims has an affect on people who do nothing more than just view a photograph on the internet.

“The objects that I bring in here, they have a lot of things attached to them. It’s just a concentrated nuclear reactor of objects and energy.”

A subreddit devoted entirely to Ghost Adventures asks if anyone has ever saw Peggy the haunted doll and had any side effects, with most comments saying that they’ve had no ill effects and weren’t bothered at all from watching Peggy on Deadly Possessions. One comment added that “it’s about the power of suggestion,” one thing that Zak Bagans is certainly good at. According to several other comments, Zak is “over the top” with building tension and anticipation — a quality that has built a large following for the long-running reality TV series Ghost Adventures, which airs a new season on the Travel Channel on March 25, as recently shared by Zak Bagans on Facebook.

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