Renee Young: ‘I Get Many A Death Threat’

It is no secret that WWE interviewer Renee Young is in a relationship with WWE superstar Dean Ambrose. While Ambrose is a notoriously private man, he and Young have revealed quite a bit about their relationship. In fact, in an interview with Vegas Seven, the Canadian broadcaster revealed she has gotten many death threats.

“I get many a death threat… Well, I mean, there’s a lot of anti–Renee Young pages out there.

Ambrose also had much to say, especially when it came to stalkers.

“It’s actually good to make this point. But without going into too much detail, I’ve been stalked on the phone and my home and hotels, to the point where it’s a little Single White Female scary, though I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna get beaten up and kidnapped by a 15-year-old girl.

I’ve been stalked fairly regularly for the last two years. I have to go to great lengths to keep that s*** at bay.”

The Intercontinental Champion feels that he attracts a certain demographic of troubled people.

“There are psychotic fans…

I have a particular demographic. I think I appeal to a lot of people who might have problems of their own [and] they relate to me. It’s cool when you can help and inspire people and stuff, but sometimes people just attach to you for strange reasons, [and] their behavior is not the best.”

Meanwhile Young laughed about the fan “shipping” of Ambrose and his fellow former Shield mates.

“You know what I saw the other day—it must’ve been on my Instagram or on Twitter or something, but somebody tagged me in it—it was a shirt that was a picture, obviously a fan-drawn cartoon thing of just you and [Roman Reigns] in a deep embrace. I wanted to buy it. It was a thing on Etsy, a real thing that I could’ve bought. It was hysterical.”

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Aside from commenting about his fan base, Ambrose had other things to say, such as his thoughts on starring in a WWE Studios movie.

“It was a cool deviation, something new. I found the fight scenes were so much fun. ‘OK, punch, kick, punch, throw him on the ground, pick him up, duck the knife, hit him in the gut, grab the glass bottle, hit him over the head.’ And it was a 10- to 12-move thing; I picked it up instantly. Because I’m a professional wrestler, a choreographed fight scene might come easier to me.

The thing is, WWE performers are the Navy SEALs of entertainment. You might go out there on Smackdown Live with no net, talk for five minutes and then wrestle for 20 minutes, and at the end of it, plummet off a 20-foot ladder and through a table. You might have to do dialogue, a 20-minute fight scene and a stunt that you do yourself, all in the span of 30 minutes, all live, one take, on TV.”

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When asked about how it felt to be in Total Divas, Young said it was a “different beast” altogether.

“Doing reality TV is a different beast. He and I, we’ve always been very private about our relationship for the most part, so for us to have that on a reality show. … I’ve been doing television for over a decade. I’ve never been nervous for something to air. And I [was with Total Divas]—you’re so vulnerable. I [was] excited for people to see Dean and I and the s*** that we get up to. There [were] nine cast members [and] a lot going on, but I think just delving into the relationships of so many of the people at WWE [was] really cool.

If I’m at a TV broadcast, the cameras are gonna be there and they’re following you. They’ve come to our house and filmed. We’ve been lucky enough to go on really great vacations with Total Divas. They will catch you in your moments, definitely. I think the biggest thing that tripped me out when I first started doing the show was that I would fall asleep and I’d wake up and still think that the cameras were on me. It was a very bizarre experience of always being on camera—I got over it, but it took me a couple of weeks.”

You can catch Renee Young and Dean Ambrose on Smackdown where they continue to play major roles in the show.

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