‘Walking Dead’ Season 7: Eugene Might ‘Trojan Horse’ Negan, Cast Member Hints

The Walking Dead’s Season 7 is reaching an interesting point where there is a lot of confusion about Eugene. Fans wonder if he has really joined Team Negan with all his heart, or there is something secret going on. When Eugene says “I am Negan,” it opens up possibilities like never before. Cast member Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene’s character in the TV show, has talked about a surprise element in the story.

The Season 7 of The Walking Dead has certainly been surprising. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

When asked if Negan had really joined the dark side or he was conning Negan, Josh says he has no idea. This is strange to know from someone who has been playing the character. After all, he is supposed to know the character inside out. While it is obvious that Josh cannot give out spoilers, Eugene’s ambiguous character still needs to be explained. The actor, nevertheless, does talk about making choices. At the same time, he says it won’t be possible to reveals the trade secrets.

The Season 7 of The Walking Dead has certainly been surprising, especially the part when Eugene easily surrenders to Team Negan. Many fans have been disappointed to see him give in. even cast member Josh McDermitt admits that the part was surprising for many. He says he was surprised as well to hear Eugene say those words. But, for him, the more important line is what Negan tells Eugene before asking him: “Who are you?”

“You don’t have to be scared anymore.”

In Episode 11 of The Walking Dead’s Season 7, Negan assures Eugene that there is no need to be scared anymore. Josh believes he is showing Eugene his “way out.” “That moment is a hit of crack for Eugene,” cast member Josh tells Vulture. “All he wants to do is not feel the feelings that are burning inside him every time he’s around this man.” The actor, on the other hand, says he prefers not being told what will happen next in the story. He does not want to know what Eugene is planning. Josh says he wants to keep the viewer in him happy by waiting for the surprise. And, then he hints that Eugene might have plans to sabotage Negan. “But I did ask Scott Gimple, our showrunner, not to tell me what Eugene’s intentions are — if he’s Trojan horsing this thing or if he’s full-on Team Negan — because I don’t want to know,” Josh says.

“I am Negan” has been a reassuring statement for Team Negan. There are many ways to interpret it. For one, Negan loves to see people surrender to him. He wants the Saviors to know how powerful he is. Daryl refused to say he is Negan, and now he is tortured in a cell. Eugene must have expected the same to happen to himself. But, he must be intelligent enough to know the rules of survival here.

On the other hand, Undead Walking points out that there could be a different interpretation of Eugene’s pledge of allegiance. As Dwight and Eugene are together, they might have come to a realization that they might have to do certain things, which they would not have done “as their pre-apocalypse self.” By calling themselves “Negan,” they might be able to justify their actions.

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12 airs on March 5. [Image by Roberto Gonzales/Universal Orlando via Getty Images]

Meanwhile, the Daily Express wonders if The Walking Dead Season 7 will find Eugene planning to kill Negan. The character is seen playing “Yars’ Revenge” on Atari console. Fans wonder if this was a deliberate hint for the future. In the video game, Yar must defeat the evil Qotile. While Yar is tiny insect-like creature, Qotile is like a giant. This may be symbolic for the assumed battle between Eugene and Negan. Yar plays tricks like hide and seek to kill Qotile. One may wonder if Eugene is also playing a trick by pledging allegiance to Negan.

The Episode 12 of The Walking Dead Season 7 will air on Sunday, March 5.

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