‘Catfish: The TV Show’ Season 6, Episode 1 ‘Shawny & Jack’ Recap [Spoilers]

Season 6 of Catfish: The TV Show premiered on MTV on Wednesday, March 1. Season 6, Episode 1 of the MTV series, titled “Shawny & Jack,” is about a woman – and mother-of-three – hoping to learn the identity of her true love. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Episode 1 of Season 6, you may not want to read the rest of this article as it will contain spoilers from the episode. If you have watched “Shawny & Jack” or you don’t mind spoilers, keep reading for a recap of the Season 6 premiere of Catfish: The TV Show.

Quick Background on Catfish

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Catfish on MTV, it is a show that offers never ending love-related mysteries to solve. As Refinery 29 reminds fans, the MTV series has had some pretty insane reveals over the last few years. The MTV series premiered back in 2012. The show focuses on all of the deception and drama involved in online relationships. Fast forward five years – Nev and Max still don’t have any trouble finding people who have a Catfish story to tell.

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Fans Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Season 6 Premiere

One of the biggest concerns Catfish fans have is that Max and Nev will eventually stop having stories to tell. After all, the MTV series has been around long enough that most people understand the concept of catfishing. Furthermore, Max and Nev have made several attempts to show people who watch the show how you can check pictures and conduct research on phone numbers to learn more about a person on your own.

Most fans of Catfish: The TV Show would agree the series did not disappoint with Episode 1 of Season 6. In fact, many followers of the MTV series took to Twitter to express just how crazy and intense Episode 1 of Season 6 was.

Who Is The Real Catfish?

Early on in Episode 1 of Season 6, Max told Nev that he was getting bad vibes about Shawny. Nev and Max agreed her story was a little off. According to Shawny, she and her mystery man, Jack, had randomly started texting each other. She claimed to have no idea who he was, but that they lived in the same city. Max and Nev were having a hard time understanding how Shawny and Jack could live so close to each other and never have spoken or seen each other once. More importantly, didn’t they have to know each other in order to exchange phone numbers?

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Max called Shawny out early in the episode and explained to her that they had been played in the past by people who only wanted to be on the MTV show because they needed a way to meet each other in person. Shawny, however, reassured Max and Nev that coming on the show was hard enough – she had no reason to lie.

Most fans could argue the first real shocking moment for the Catfish Season 6 premiere was when they were driving to a park to meet Jack in person and Shawny revealed that she had a secret to tell Jack. Her secret? She had actually catfished him by sending him pictures of someone else. Nev and Max ended up arguing with her on the drive to the park because she didn’t believe she had actually catfished Jack. She tried to justify her actions by claiming Jack had catfished her too. Nev and Max agreed there was nothing she could do to justify what she had done.

The moment that Jack arrives at the park is arguably the second most shocking moments in Episode 1 of Season 6. Jack ends up being the man in the pictures he sent to Shawny. Max and Nev are shocked. This is when they learn Shawny wasn’t telling them the truth. In fact, her name isn’t even Shawny. Her name is Ebony and his name isn’t Jack – it is Brandon. And, that, isn’t even the strangest part. It was actually Ebony that was catfishing “Jack.” “Jack” – who she knew was Brandon the entire time – is actually her ex-husband. She knew that is was who she was talking to. It was him that didn’t realize he was texting his ex-wife.

How Did Things Work Out?

Turns out this was a last-ditch effort by Ebony to attempt to get her family back together. She still loved her husband and wanted to be with him. The problem is that he wanted to be in a “free” relationship where he could be with other women. Ebony, on the other hand, just wanted to be with him. In the car ride on the way to take her back home, Max did have a “real” moment with Ebony where he asked her why she even wanted to be back with him. Max pointed out the fact that at some point in time she was going to need to choose between loving herself and loving him.

Six months later Nev and Max checked in on Ebony and Brandon. Going on Catfish may have been the best thing that ever happened to this couple as they are not working together as parental units. Ebony claims that she and Brandon are not together as a couple, but he is spending a lot more time with the children. She claims he and the children have a much better relationship after being on the show.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Nev and Max claim the most shocking moment in the episode for them was the mode of transportation Brandon had. The hosts of Catfish will never be able to forget the moment he rode up to them on his bicycle.

Episode 2 of Season 6, titled “Alante & Nevaeh,” airs next Wednesday on MTV. Will you be watching it and did you watch the Season 6 Premiere of Catfish: The TV Show? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section which can be found down below.

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