Intelligent Coca Cola Vending Machine Rewards Great Dance Moves With Free Cokes

The Coca Cola Company recently unveiled the latest vending machine technology in South Korea and the experiment met with great success. The new high tech machine encouraged passing shoppers to demonstrate their break dance moves and rewarded the best efforts with free Cokes.

As shoppers stroll through the mall, they are quickly challenged by the machine to emulate the dance moves of South Korea’s ultra popular boy band, 2 PM. When a brave soul accepts the invitation, they are instructed to step on the bright red circle painted on the floor, and the magical machine begins the fun.

The four panel video display built into the vending machine prompts the subject with a pre-recorded clip of band members Minjun, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung showing off their highly polished dance steps. The brave customer must perform the dance move in sync with the 2PM members, and the closer you come to perfection, the more likely you are to win a free Coke.

Some of the less technology friendly members of the audience might think there was a person hidden inside the double sized vending machine, but in reality, the crowd friendly soda dispenser makes use of Microsoft’s Kinect technology. Sensors read the dancers body moves and when they copy the dance step correctly, out pops a bottle of Coke. The lucky winner can take their free drink or bust a few more moves to win free Cokes for their friends.

The entire affair is high speed, high tech fun, and judging by the excited crowds that gathered in South Korea, everyone loves the concept. The Coca Cola Company has not revealed where the new machines may pop up next, so practice your break dancing, and get ready to strut your stuff, just in case one of the new machines appears in a mall near you. In the meantime, maybe someone can explain why every kid in South Korea is a great dancer.

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