‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: How Will Claire’s Personality Be Different?

Fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the new season of the hit Starz show Outlander, so much so that they’re scouring the internet for all of the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers. And while there are many beautiful things we can expect in the new season when it begins to air in September, there’s one thing that fans will definitely notice: Claire Randall Fraser — played by Caitriona Balfe — will be vastly different from years past.

Warning: this article contains spoilers. Please do not read this article if you do not wish to read Outlander Season 3 spoilers.

First, according to the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers from Travelers Today, the biggest change we will notice in Claire when the show picks up where they left off will be thanks to her motherhood.

“Balfe said that her character has changed since the last season. Outlander fans would find her as someone who has learned to smooth out the ‘harsher edges’ of her personality. This means that she won’t be as stubborn and as quick-tempered as she used to.”

Despite Claire’s changed personality, there’s one thing that fans of the show won’t have to worry about: the chemistry between Claire and her long-lost love, Jamie.

According to the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers from Culturess, Claire and Jamie will have lots of steamy sex when the new season kicks off. After all, they have 20 years of catching up to do.

“Being a woman of a certain age, I always felt this was an essential element of Diana’s books. Not just showing young love but to demonstrating a healthy sexual relationship has no age. Just because Claire and Jamie are well into to their 40’s when they are reunited doesn’t mean that sexual desire goes away. It might make some younger people feel uncomfortable to see two older people having sex. But, it is nonetheless a healthy part of a relationship. To be perfectly honest, I think Claire and Jamie in the books have the best sex when they are well into their 50’s.”

But if you’re hoping for the on-screen sex between Claire and Jamie to turn into off-screen sex between Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

According to the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers from Philadelphia Inquirer, not only do they call out people who insist on a “fo-mance” between the stars of the show, they feel that it’s better for the show that the two actors aren’t dating off-screen.

As fans of the show are aware, both Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe went public with their respective significant others this week: Sam, with actress Mackenzie Mauzy, and Cait, with pub owner and music manager Tony McGill. And while this revelation has certainly left some fans disappointed, Philadelphia Inquirer points out that it’s better, overall, if the two aren’t together in real life.

“We kinda knew, right? And it’s better this way, right? We no longer have to worry about a real-life Sam/Cait breakup destroying the incredible chemistry these ACTORS share on our favorite show. We can harmlessly fantasize that someday they’ll date – though his preference for a petite blonde and her preference for a dark-haired laddie would indicate otherwise.”

Seems like sound logic to us.

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