Alec Baldwin Trump Impersonation Credit Goes To Lorne Michaels

Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation has taken America by storm since the actor has made more appearances on Saturday Night Live, even attracting ire from the man himself, Donald Trump.

Alec Baldwin discussed the details of his Trump impersonation on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night, where he revealed how he got so good at mocking the new United States president.

And while Kimmel attempted to give Baldwin credit for his satirical parody, which generated cheers from his audience, the SNL cast member gave more credit to the sketch comedy show’s longtime producer Lorne Michaels for reaching out to him to do the role.

When Alec Baldwin first debuted his impersonation on SNL last year, the response was so positive that many reviews pointed to how perfect he was in the part.

At the time, in the same week of the first presidential debate in October, Alec began the journey of impersonating Trump in a bit that also parodied Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who “reviewed” the comedy sketch in an interview with Extra, where she said that it looked as if Baldwin had been “shadowing” Trump in order to get it right. In fact, as Baldwin made clear Wednesday night, he got into the part at the last minute.

Although SNL usually follows a script, the show improvises their sketches around when they’re going to have Alec on to do his Trump impersonation which is also dependent on the news of the week. But in a similar way, they can’t necessarily have him on every week, especially when he has other commitments.

Actor Alec Baldwin embraces Trump impersonation with SNL and a new book. [Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]

For instance, he was unable to do the bit on the weekend of Trump’s inauguration, according to the Inquisitr.

Even with this being the case, the comic actor has found other ways to commit to the impersonation, and the Inquisitr recently reported on how the actor is publishing a satirical account of his first year as Donald Trump, in the persona of the billionaire.

As to the credit for the satirical role, Lorne Michaels has been quite influential in many of the decisions made on SNL, including the removal of two cast members around the same time that Alec Baldwin started to influence the ratings on the show with his Trump impersonation.

SNL producer Lorne Michaels being honored at the White House by former president Barack Obama a month after Alec Baldwin debuted his Trump impersonation on his show. [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

This is also the case with the choice to have Melissa McCarthy to play Press Secretary Sean Spicer and even having Larry David play Bernie Sanders early on during the presidential campaign.

Since Donald Trump became president, many television comics, hosts, and shows have found a silver lining in the fact that he is now the commander-in-chief as it gives them plenty of job security to continue to churn out parodies every night.

While many in the media have predicted that the controversial figure would become more presidential, those expectations have been dashed with incendiary attacks from “number 45” via Twitter against his opposition, including Alec Baldwin and SNL for the bit.

The star of movies like Beetlejuice and The Departed also suggested that he might be lobbying to make an appearance as Donald Trump on the upcoming White House Correspondence Dinner, which the president has refused to attend because of how tied-in the event is with the press he has been waging war on since he was a candidate.

Alec took some more shots at the president on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, according to Inquisitr, for his issues with vocabulary.

As SNL producer, for decades, Lorne Michaels has been largely influential in the majority of decisions that go on with the cast and the show, but he too gives credit to other executives for letting him “do his thing.”

In a related account, during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2015, comedian Larry David interrupted Donald Trump’s monologue when he was a guest host on the show to call him a racist off the side of the stage.

Larry David claimed he was offered $5,000 to do it. Here is that video, almost a year before Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation was even a thought.

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