Kylie Jenner Called Out For Smoking In Latest Sexy Social Media Posts

Kylie Jenner is known for her racy outfits and social media posts, but it seems the 19-year-old has crossed the line with her latest photos. Jenner is being called out for glamorizing smoking as she’s seen puffing on what some call a cigarette, and others call a joint, in photos that she shared on Wednesday.

Kylie shared a few takes from a shoot with Sasha Samsonova, a photographer she’s been known to work with, as fans spoke out against her associating sex appeal with smoking. Refinery 29 reported on the controversy as the author said they were “saddened” by Jenner’s most recent Instagram posts.

“This is exactly why her recent Instagram posts have me feeling sad. Or, I suppose I’m disappointed. Jenner shared two images of herself smoking what appears to be a joint.”

However, it’s not the simple fact that Jenner appears to be actually smoking, but the fact she linked being sexy with the act.

“I take issue with neither smoking nor sex appeal on their own. I do, however, dislike the association between the two.”

The author also brings up the issue with Kylie being a role model for young women and portraying the unhealthy habit in a sexy and glamorous way.

“When Kylie Jenner, a woman who has a significant teen following on the internet, shares an image of herself smoking and looking cool, a fallacy is born.”

Refinery 29 went on to add that Kylie’s photos are exactly how tobacco companies want people to visualize smoking — as something that creates sex appeal. In fact, the writer goes on to state Jenner’s photos may as well have been an advertisement for cigarettes with the way she showcases smoking.

“This is the exact logic that tobacco companies have employed in their advertising for years. Seeing as social media stars frequently advertise on their channels, Jenner’s post could plausibly have been sponsored content.”

And it seems Kylie’s fans and followers share similar opinions as they commented on her Facebook post.

“No, no, no.. Do you smoke, girl? Don’t do that sh*t, you are too beautiful..”

“Please don’t try to make smoking look like a good thing. It’s not sexy. It’s deadly. It makes you stink. It ruins your teeth and ages you faster. It affects the people around you. Causes lung cancer. It’s so uncool.”

“So sad. I really thought she was such a beautiful girl but now she just disgusts me.”

However, some commenters are suggesting she’s smoking marijuana, not a cigarette in the photo shoot.

“Omfg Kylie Jenner smokes weed? She just got so much f***ing cooler.”

Jenner did have more than a few Facebook commenters come to her defense, though, as they compared the teen’s recent shoot to those of Marilyn Monroe.

“She’s reminding me more and more of Marilyn every day, in the sense of the professional shots she’s been taking lately. Look at this man. She’s killing it.”

But people were quick to call out the comment as they said not to compare the youngest Jenner to the iconic bombshell.

Others implied Kylie’s family would not be happy to see her smoking as the Kardashian sisters are known for their stance on drinking and smoking — which is why they’re rarely seen indulging.

“Great now you’re a pot head too. I know Kris will love this.”

However, all hate aside, some stated the cigarette (or joint) was just a prop, and Kylie doesn’t actually smoke in real life.

“Y’all it’s a prop. She might take a puff or two but that’s it, it’s just for a picture.”

But then again, this proves Refinery 29‘s point that Jenner’s photos are glamorizing smoking as she used a cigarette as a prop in her racy images.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

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