Hilary Farr And David Visentin’s Anger Is Real On ‘Love It Or List It’

Hilary Farr and David Visentin, stars of Love It or List It, often argue and fight in front of the cameras. But, is their squabbling for real or just part of the make-believe world of television? According to People, both stars admit that they do get angry at each other while on the set.

From the beginning, viewers and fans of the show, Love It or List It thought Hilary and David were an old married couple. They seemed so perfectly suited with one another, that their constant bickering was the most convincing part.

Each episode of HGTV’s Love It or List It opens with the homeowners walking through their home. They show all the things they like and don’t like about their current home. Often times, they include unfinished renovation projects started by the homeowner years ago.

Enter David and Hilary, who are already at odds just driving to the location. When they go through each room of the house, David isn’t shy about pointing out all the problems he finds, while Hilary is quick to diffuse his comments by emphasizing on the potential she sees in each room.

Hilary and David then meet with the homeowners, who are also divided about their home. One wants to sell and find a new place to live, while the other person wants to stay in their home and have the issues fixed. The homeowners bring their list demands of what they want in their new home, or done to their current home.

Hilary listens to the person who wants to move and she takes notes of what that individual wants or needs in the home that will make them stay. David listens to the other side as he tries to determine what kind of home he has to find so they can move.

Hilary and David find out how much the homeowners are willing to spend for renovations or their new home. That’s when the competition and the arguments really begin.

In the interview with People, David asked the question, “How can competition be friendly? What we’re very skilled at is getting over arguments.”

Hilary clarified her position in the show by explaining, “We actually do get really angry. Mostly, I get really angry.”

Their constant banter catches on and the homeowners contribute their share of arguments as well. It is almost predictable that one or both homeowners will hate David’s choices for a move-in-ready home. The houses are either located in the wrong area, priced way beyond their budget, or meets none of their needs.

The same situation occurs with Hilary when she tries to fix up their existing home. Something always happens that no one was expecting. The contractor may discover knob-and-tube wiring, obsolete furnaces, or plumbing problems. They may find structural damage or beams that won’t support the load of the house. All of Farr’s carefully laid design plans change.

Hilary must them go to the homeowners, explain what they found and what projects she has to remove. Of course, Hilary will ask for more money, which never ends well, but it does add to the drama. It gives Hilary and the homeowners more things to argue and complain about.

After David Visentin shows the homeowners the last home, which is often the perfect home for them, it’s Hilary’s turn. She takes them on a tour of their renovated home leaving the couple in wonderment on how she totally transformed sections of their home. The homeowners have to decide whether they will list their place for sale, or if they will love their home and stay.

While many shows are faked to gain viewer attention, it is reported that Love It or List It is not. According to Pop Sugar, Visentin and Farr have no idea what the homeowner’s final decision will be. It is always a surprise.

David Visentin not only plays an excellent and knowledgeable real estate agent on the show, he is one in real life. He is satisfied that he was able to take his real estate skills and love of acting to a whole new level and have his dream job.

Hilary is a designer who loves her work and she is a talented actress.

“I believe in spending money to make your home the perfect sanctuary away from work and the stress of everyday life. Great kitchens are a must-have. A place to relax and cook for friends and family,” she said in an Arizona Central interview.

The one design that Hilary does not like is the “open concept.” But she says she will do it at the request of the homeowners.

The chemistry between Hilary Farr and David Visentin is what gives this show the edge and keeps viewers coming back for more.

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