‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Michael Take Nelle’s Side After She Confesses?

It has been one heck of a ride this week on ABC’s General Hospital, with a new JaSam baby born under some dramatic circumstances. There is also Nelle Hayes, who has finally been outed. Fans have been waiting for months for Carly to get a clue about this girl, and she sure did. Carly now knows the secret that her assistant and her husband have been keeping from her, and so will Michael Corinthos.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Nelle showed up with Michael to her apartment where Carly confronted Sonny about their one-nighter. Now, the whole Corinthos family will know what Nelle has been up to all of these months. Michael has taken a liking to the person who has set his father up and had been out to destroy his mother. What will his reaction be when he learns the truth about Nelle?

Everything has been slowly coming to light, except who Nelle really is and exactly why she had set her plan into motion. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows for Thursday, she is expected to come clean, but the question remains as to whether she will tell the whole truth or possibly leave some things out of her story.

She apparently is hoping for a future with Michael Corinthos, so she may just lay everything that she has done out in the open, hoping that she will be forgiven for her sins. While Sonny and Carly will be furious over this, Michael has gotten to know Nelle on more of a personal level these past few weeks on General Hospital. That could make the difference on how he will react to the chaos that she has caused his parents. Once he finds out the ultimate plan that she was expecting to finish, he may just be furious as well. However, once he calms down, he may still have a soft spot for her after she explains why she did what she did.

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Her confession will leave Michael blindsided for sure. Now, he will have to sort out his feelings that he has developed for Nelle Hayes. Sonny will definitely not understand if his son chooses to stand by the girl who has caused so much pain in their family. Michael may just be the one who stands in the way of Sonny’s revenge against Nelle. What about Carly? She is understandably upset and is out for payback against her assistant, who she has let into her family. Will she understand if her son decides to stand by his woman instead of his parents?

One thing is for sure: Michael is the only friend that Nelle Hayes has. In fact, even most General Hospital viewers hate this character right now. They are anxious to find out who she really is. It was rumored that she could end up being Carly’s long-lost daughter, but then that would make her a blood relative to Michael. If she wants a future with him, then that scenario is hopefully out the door.

Michael will most likely end up confused on whose side to take in all of this. According to spoilers by Soap Central for next week, he will be butting heads with Sonny. The speculation here is that maybe Nelle will only come clean on some things, but not everything. Will she actually confess that she and Sonny didn’t sleep together? She could possibly try to play the victim and let everyone think that Sonny took advantage of her so that Michael will be on her side. With his dad’s past history with women and the fact that Sonny had been drinking that night, he could possibly believe her.

How do you think this will all play out this week on General Hospital? Will Nelle tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or will she continue to manipulate the Corinthos family?

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