Ariana Grande Ambushed By Stage Crasher On ‘Dangerous Woman Tour’ [Video]

Ariana Grande had a scary encounter with a fan after an unwelcome guest crashed the most recent stop on her “Dangerous Woman Tour.”

Fans attending Grande’s tour stop at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Arena on March 1 captured footage of the moment a man crashed the stage during Ariana’s show, where he could be seen standing behind her before then heading down stage to the star.

Ariana fan @lacedheart posted footage from what could have been a seriously dangerous moment to Twitter following the incident that took place during Grande’s latest tour stop, posting a video of the crasher alongside the caption, “someone jumped on stage omg.”

It’s not clear exactly how the stage crasher made his way onto the stage during Ariana’s show, though the fan-captured footage shows the man, who has not been identified, standing behind Grande for several seconds without being reprimanded by Grande’s security team as he watched her perform “Moonlight.”

The man then walked forward to meet Ariana’s eye line before two security then approached him and removed him from the stage.

Luckily, Grande was not hurt during the incident with the fan and even appeared to appreciate the stage crasher’s enthusiasm after spotting him beside her on stage during her “Dangerous Woman Tour” stop.

After he caught her eye during the performance, Ariana actually waved to the man before he was dragged away by security.

Ever the professional, Grande barely missed a beat as she carried on performing her Dangerous Woman track “Moonlight” only pausing very briefly to tell her “Dangerous Woman Tour” security team “please be gentle” as they removed the man from the stage.

Fortunately, the stage crasher didn’t attempt to harm Ariana while on stage with the star, though Grande’s fans flocked to Twitter after seeing the incident on social media to urge Ariana to up her security team, noting that the man who hit the stage without permission could potentially have been dangerous.

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“But that fan is creepy [though],” Twitter user @grandesjawline tweeted out after seeing the footage of the man stage crashing Grande’s set. “Like no one knows what’s inside his pocket or what. I’m thankful that Ariana & everyone’s safe.”

“Ariana Grande’s security has a track record of being awful but letting someone just walk out on stage? Do yall’s jobs. Keep her safe. Mess,” Ariana fan @complexbutera added on the social media site of the stage crasher incident, while @Ana5HBiebvato wrote, “a fan jumped on stage at Ariana’s show she wasn’t upset, she told security to chill & be gentle OMFG BBY DOLL. PLS STAY SAFE THO.”

“It’s so sweet how Ariana just wants the person to be safe and handled gently but I would be worried,” @NEWAMERlCARIANA added.

Ariana has not yet commented on the stage crasher incident on social media, though Grande did send out a sweet message to her fans in Philadelphia following the show to let them know that she was okay.

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Ariana posted a photo of herself on stage during the show at Wells Fargo Arena, where Grande told her more than 98 million followers on the social media site, “Thank you Philly” alongside moon and stars emojis.

Grande is just 12 dates into her popular “Dangerous Woman Tour” which will see her travel to Europe following the wrap of the North American leg of shows in April.

Music Feeds Australia also reported that Ariana has plans to take her latest tour across the globe, reporting last year that Grande announced back in September that she’s “definitely” heading down under to Australia on her “Dangerous Woman Tour,” though the official dates are still yet to be announced.

What do you think of Ariana’s reaction to her “Dangerous Woman Tour” stage crasher? Do you think Ariana Grande needs to up her security team?

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