‘Smackdown’ Theory: Forgotten Superstar May Have A Part To Play

Smackdown is currently in the middle of a storyline between WWE Champion Bray Wyatt and 2017 Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton. Last week’s episode of Smackdown featured an ending segment where Orton, who was an ally of Wyatt’s since October, betrayed his master. Orton went to a shack that supposedly held the soul and remains of the mysterious Sister Abigail, who was a major influence in Wyatt’s life. Orton proceeded to desecrate Abigail’s grave by burning down the shack and broadcasting it to Bray Wyatt, who was in the ring. Wyatt broke down in tears and begged Orton to stop, but to no avail. Orton then hit his signature pose in front of the burning building.

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However, according to this fan theory on Reddit, Wyatt may not have much to fear, as someone may have ensured Abigail would be taken care of before Orton set fire to the building. The theory believes that Erick Rowan, who has been injured for months after tearing his rotator cuff, will be revealed as a part of the storyline.

All based off of this very old tweet from the brand split.

A video Erick posted, of him carrying around a “body bag” into the darkness.

A few months later, he’s outside, digging a hole:

And says this in a subsequent tweet: “One may know your secret never a second. If three, a thousand will know.” Havamal [Norse poem]

After that: “Frozen amid the soil, I slowly continue my saunter.”

THEORY Unknown to everyone, even Bray, Rowan moved Abigail.

edit 1: Added in the comments, but adding here as well:


So. I did some further research. The tweet seems to me, like it’s timed with this [Youtube video].

July 11, 2016.

A week later.

July 19, 2016: The Erick Rowan body bag video is tweeted out.

The New Day invading the compound. A week later, is the video of Rowan moving the body bag.

Maybe the link isn’t even that Rowan did this intentionally with Randy in mind, since that doesn’t make sense. Randy didn’t get involved with the Wyatts until a few months later.

Maybe, Rowan decided to move the body now that the compound was public. They got invaded once, and they could be invaded again. So he moved the body.

A little bit later, Bray dumps Rowan. But Rowan, still loyal, kept the body hidden.

Basically the theory claims that Rowan had moved the body of Sister Abigail. This was kept secret even to Bray himself, according to the theory. Once the Wyatt compound was visited by the New Day back in July, Rowan thought it would be wise to move Abigail, as the compound could be invaded again. The theory claims that Rowan had not moved the body to prevent Randy from destroying it, as Randy would not get involved with the Wyatts until a few more months later. However Rowan moved the body regardless, expressing concern over potential future harm done to Abigail if anyone else visited the compound with ill intentions.

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Some expressed doubt that WWE planned such a long term arc, while others said they would be impressed if the theory turned out to be true. With Rowan cleared to return to action, he might very well be returning before Wrestlemania 33. It is currently unknown what WWE’s plans are for him. He will either be involved in the Wyatt storyline or go solo for a while. If he is to be involved with the Wyatts, he will either come to the aid of his master Bray Wyatt, or former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper, who was excommunicated by Wyatt for suspecting Orton had intentions to destroy the group. Regardless, we will see the culmination of a months-long storyline at Wrestlemania 33.

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