Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans Feud: Pregnant Kail Apologizes, Javi Joins In

Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy continues to make the headlines and this time, the tattooed Teen Mom 2 star goes after co-star Jenelle Evans, who she believes is the one who leaked her pregnancy news.

Kailyn was forced to make an announcement about her third pregnancy in a blog post after someone in her life sold her out. Apparently, the 24-year-old expecting mom blamed her co-star Jenelle for being the one to break the news about her pregnancy.

According to Lowry, during an interview on Teen Mom 2’s live after show, Jenelle spilled the beans on her third pregnancy and that she is carrying a child that is not Javi’s. Lowry shared that Jenelle tweeted her congratulations to her, even though Lowry did not make the confirmation herself.

But Evans quickly denied the claims and immediately defended herself on Twitter, saying that she had nothing to do with the premature announcement. What’s more interesting is that Jenelle dragged Javi’s name into the feud.

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Jenelle told Radar Online exclusively that Kailyn Lowry said her apologies because she realized that it was not Jenelle who leaked the news, but Javi. Javi’s name got involved in the feud but the staff sergeant also denied the accusations via a Twitter exchange.

Although Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband denied the claims, Jenelle Evans had the conversation history to prove it. As shared in a report by InTouch Weekly, Evans had a conversation with a mystery person, who claimed that it was Javi who revealed Lowry’s baby bump news to the Star Glam magazine.

After Evans cleared her name and passing the blame to Javi, a heated Twitter exchange between the two ensues. It then became a game of he said, she said. Javi continued to send tweets to Jenelle, but eventually, she blocked him on the social media platform.

Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry have already made up but a tipster revealed to Radar that the two Teen Mom 2 stars don’t always have a good relationship.

“They just haven’t always seen eye to eye at different times throughout the years. She did feel bad about calling her out. Once Jenelle explained the situation to her privately, she did apologize.”

While Kailyn and Lowry have cleared the air, Javi continued to defend himself in a Twitter post.

Lowry’s baby announcement has brought more drama into her life. Javi has just announced his plan to launch a book, which he said contains more secrets about his toxic marriage to Kailyn, according to an exclusive from Radar.

Kailyn and Javy during their happier years. [Image by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]

Marroquin’s book, titled Heartlessly Hustled, will serve as a response to Lowry’s Hustle & Heart.

“Fans can expect a story about a man who thought he figured out life. Lies and cheating were swept beneath his nose for a long time!”

Javi will also write about his experience in raising Lincoln all alone. He said that his book will contain “the truth” and details of what Lowry did that resulted to the end of their marriage. He may have said that he is willing to completely scrap the plans for a book launch, knowing he and Lowry were doing just fine, but with this new feud going on involving him, Jenelle and Kail, he could change his mind.

Javi has been blasting his ex-wife over social media ever since he learned that she is pregnant with her third child. He felt betrayed since it had been only a few months after their divorce and after she said she did not want to get pregnant again.

Should Javi push through with publishing the book or would it be better for him to just keep his side of the story to himself and maintain a good relationship with his ex-wife? Sound off in the comments below.

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