Who Wants To Hire Kristen Stewart? Ben Affleck, For One

Remember when Kristen Stewart was “desperate” for work after the conclusion of The Twilight Saga? The actress made have landed her first post-Bella gig with director Ben Affleck.

The scandal-encumbered actress was reportedly worried about her job prospects following the conclusion of The Twilight Saga. With the guaranteed gig wrapping with the premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, Stewart seemed concerned that her cheating scandal with director Rupert Sanders would hurt her ability to secure more work.

Luckily for Stewart, it seems as though critically acclaimed actor and director Ben Affleck is interested in casting the actress for his next project, reports MSN.

Focus, a romantic comedy from Crazy Stupid Love directing duo John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, is set to star Affleck as a veteran and grifter, and the actor admitted that he’s interested in casting Stewart as his romantic interest. E! News asked him about the casting rumor at the GQ Men of the Year party this week.

“I’m hesitant to get into casting stuff because I don’t know what’s finished or isn’t because people come in and out of things all the time,” he said. “But she’s terrific and hopefully it will work out.”

Until then, Affleck is still riding his success with Argo, a political thriller he both directed and starred in. Affleck says that the real people who lived through the Iran hostage crisis the film is based on deserve all of the praise:

“They all stayed in the foreign service and kept doing their jobs,” Affleck said. “One of the guys Joe Stafford, who Scoot McNairy plays in the movie, is in Sudan now—stilling working for the United States! It’s amazing. He’s gotta be in his sixties. I don’t want to go to Sudan, even for a weekend.”

Do you think that Ben Affleck and Kristen Stewart would be a good on-screen duo?

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