Karrueche Tran’s BFF Afraid Of Chris Brown, Says Singer Threatened To Shoot Him

A member of model Karrueche Tran’s inner circle says he fears for his life after singer Chris Brown threatened to shoot him on-sight the next time the two crossed paths.

Joseph Ryan Le Cour, Tran’s best friend, recently filed paperwork to have a restraining order placed against the 27-year-old vocalist just a week after the actress and former BET hostess (106 & Park) performed the same feat for her own safety, TMZ explains.

According to documents related to the legal maneuver, Le Cour alleges that he became an enemy of the “Loyal” performer after he chose to defend Tran from Brown’s rumored violent tendencies.


“Joseph says Chris has been saying things like, ‘no matter where they go, he will find us and shoot the place up,'” TMZ relays.

Additionally, while mingling at a recent Super Bowl bash thrown by media mogul Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, Le Cour claims that Chris approached him while he conversed with a group of friends and stated the following to his face.

“It’s 2017 [and] Im’a f**k you up every time I see you, so you better get the f*** out of here before I lay your a** out.”

The friend then went on to claim that during a latter moment at the sports shindig, Brown tossed an alcoholic drink at one of Joseph’s female friends before angrily spewing, “move, b***h, we ain’t friends” to her.

A judge recently granted an order of protection that forces Chris Brown to keep a 100-foot distance from his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. [Image by Noam Galai/Stringer/Getty Images]

Joseph didn’t say if Karrueche Tran was invited to Combs’ home for the party or witnessed the interaction, but Brown’s presence was confirmed at the residence by way of a disturbing and explicit Instagram video he posted while attending the bash that night.

“Ladies, y’all be complaining about n***as being stalkers, in love with y’all kinda crazy s**t and getting tired of it,” he stated.

“Well, guess what? I’m one of them n***as. If I love you, b***h, ain’t nobody gonna have you. Imma make you miserable. I’mma chase that n***a out, I’mma chase your a** around. Blowing your s**t up. Hopping gates. Stalking the f**k outta you. Getting on your nerves, f**k that. I’m tearing up everything.”

“Joseph also claims [that] Chris sent guys after him,” the TMZ report adds, “and believes they have gang ties because they threw around the word ‘blood.'”

While in court last week to file her own order against Chris, Tran shared through her lawyer that Brown had relayed the same message to her on more than one occasion.

“[Chris] told a few people he was going to kill me [and that if] he can’t have [me], then no one can,” Celebuzz shared, while additionally noting that Brown also told Karrueche that he would “take her out” by way of a gunshot.

[Image by Rachel Murray/Stringer/Getty Images]

Karrueche also dictated that earlier in their relationship, Chris “punched me in my stomach twice [and] pushed [me] down the stairs,” during physical altercations, as a separate TMZ post states.

Incidentally, the February 21 article also makes mention of a drink-throwing incident that seems to mirror the one LeCour brought up during his courtroom appearance earlier this week.

“The legal docs also claim Chris has threatened to harm her friends,” part of it reads, “and even recently threw a drink at one of them.”

A judge ultimately granted Karrueche Tran her request, forcing Chris Brown to stay more than 100 feet away from his ex-girlfriend and her relatives. Likewise, Brown was additionally ordered to stay several yards away from Le Cour following his court date earlier this week. The singer’s reps could not be reached for comment on either matter.

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