Kate Middleton Reveals Prince George’s New Hobby And Twins With Queen Once More

Kate Middleton has stepped into motherhood with perfection, just as she seems to achieve in all things she takes part in. The Duchess is the picture of elegance and grace, and it really is no wonder that the masses envy her beauty, fashion, and consumer choices. The Kate effect is still in full force, and as the Inquisitr recently reported, Kate seems to have even reached the queen with the phenomenon.

“…the queen has, in recent months, made appearances in more vibrant prints and hues that are strikingly similar to those worn by Middleton. Queen Elizabeth stepped out in a dress that had a very similar pattern to that worn by the duchess when she and Prince William visited Bhutan.”

As noted, Queen Elizabeth II has been spotted at several events recently garbed in ensembles that closely resemble colors and patterns seen on Kate over the past few years. However, the two were actually twinning when they stepped out at separate events on Tuesday morning wearing differently-colored tweed jackets. E! shares about the appearances made by Middleton and the monarch.

“As the royal women stepped out for separate events, they had the same idea when it came to their outfits for the day. The mother of two sported a blue tweed jacket over a matching dress, both designed by Rebecca Taylor. The fashionista paired the ensemble with coordinating suede pumps. The 90-year-old monarch also donned tweed, except in the form of a cream jacket and matching hat.”

The Kate effect has certainly been a strong one over the years since she wed Prince William in 2011. Although Kate got a rocky start in the eyes of the public, earning the nickname lazy Kate, the duchess has since redeemed herself. Her spot-on fashion choices and seemingly perfect manner with her children and in the spotlight make her a duchess to be admired and envied.

Although most businesses that have been touched by the beauty due to her consumerism are appreciative, recently there has been a new story unveiled which revolves around the designer of the former fashion brand Issa. Kate wore a lovely blue silk wrap dress by the designer when she and Prince William announced their engagement in 2010. Initially, Daniella Hayela admitted that the attention was good, but she now blames the royal for the demise of her brand, which has since closed down for good, as Hello shared. However, it is only one negative account out of the other many brands that have been positively influenced by Middleton.

Individuals were treated to Kate’s positive vibes on Tuesday when she stopped by the Ronald McDonald House and was open about how her little prince enjoys helping her in the kitchen. Kate often shares stories about her children, and we have recently learned that George loves dinosaurs and airplanes. Tuesday marks the first time that Middleton chatted about George’s helpfulness in the kitchen.

As AOL notes, Kate, who had arrived at the facility to join in and make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, shared that she should have brought the little one as he was likely busily making pancakes at his own nursery school.

“Where’s George today?” James Wheeler asked.

“George? I should have brought him,” Middleton responded. “He’s at his Montessori nursery today making pancakes.”

The reporter also reportedly chatted with the duchess about the weather and that they were expecting a thunderstorm, to which Kate stated that thunderstorms are another one of George’s many interests. Prince George, who is now three, clearly has the same curiosity that was seen in his father and uncle, Prince Harry, when they were children. Kate and William have shared how adamant they are about raising their children as “normally” as possible.

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