Selena Gomez’s Past With Justin Beiber Reveals Cause For Woes Over The Weeknd

Selena Gomez reportedly has her mother, Mandy, worried once again as she watches and reads the news about Selena with her new boyfriend, The Weeknd. It is not only Selena’s mom who has concerns as it was also reported that her friends are just as fearful that Selena will repeat her Justin Bieber history with The Weeknd.

Once hearing the newest reveal about Selena Gomez today, you might understand why there is cause for this worry. Fans of Selena watched her spiral in her relationship with Justin Bieber via the news and social media. But it is the people who are closest to Selena who were there and saw something that wasn’t revealed to the public at the time.

The 90 days that Selena Gomez spent in rehab last fall wasn’t due to lupus and health issues, as originally reported. Selena said her health issues were from the anxiety and panic attacks brought on by her illness. Although Selena does suffer from lupus and other health problems, her stay in rehab was for addiction. The addiction wasn’t alcohol or drugs — Selena was in rehab for her addiction to Justin Bieber, cites a friend to Life & Style Magazine.

According to the outlet, Selena became a different person around Justin. When the two split, she had the need to keep up with where he was and what he was doing. She was so desperate to keep Justin Bieber as her boyfriend that she gave it her all to keep up with him. This included indulging in his partying ways.

Selena was “extremely jealous and possessive” of Justin, and in order to keep him as her boyfriend, she changed so that she could fit into his lifestyle. This is where her downfall came in with weed and drinking, cites Life & Style.

Now, Selena seems to have the same infatuation with her newest boyfriend, The Weeknd. Selena, 24, was caught kissing her new 27-year-old beau a few weeks back, which caused this relationship to trend on social media while also making headlines in entertainment news.

Fearing Selena will go down that path again, Mandy, Selena’s mother is advocating for her daughter to drop The Weeknd. Apparently, Mandy has heard the scoop on Selena’s new boyfriend along with his “drug-related lyrics” in his songs. The source who spoke with Life & Style reports that Mandy is putting the pressure on Selena to dump this guy.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Selena and The Weeknd are getting serious and are taking their relationship to another level. That would include Selena bringing her new boyfriend home to Texas to meet her family. They are reporting Mandy has faith in her daughter, but she can’t help worrying about Selena now that she’s “fallen head over heels” for this guy.

Selena’s family keeps close tabs on her, but they aren’t with her all the time. While they’ve heard all about her newest romance, they haven’t met him face to face. Mandy’s mom doesn’t approve of Selena partying with The Weeknd, reports Hollywood Life. Selena’s flight back to the U.S. touched down on Wednesday after she had been traveling for The Weeknd’s “Starboy Tour.” Her sleepy look and sweat pants made headlines today as she walked through the airport. You can see the I-just-woke-up-look on Selena in the above tweet. She probably fell asleep on the plane, and the airport became a rude awakening for her with all the noise.

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