Josh Murray Shares His Pick For Nick Viall, Talks Amanda Stanton Reconciliation

Josh Murray has been making headlines lately because of the possible reconciliation with Amanda Stanton. It turns out that he also has a few opinions about current Bachelor star Nick Viall and the final contestants who are fighting for a rose and vying for his heart. Check out what the Season 10 winner of The Bachelorette had to say in an interview on The Domenick Nati Show.

It looks like some things will never change, and one of them is Josh’s dislike of Nick Viall. Josh says that he is not Nick’s biggest fan but that Nick probably isn’t his biggest fan either. Despite that, Josh was still willing to dish on who he thinks Nick should pick as his winner on Season 21 of The Bachelor. Although Josh said that all three of Nick’s picks are pretty decent, he said that he likes Vanessa as the winner.

Josh also dished on Andi Dorfman, who picked him to win Season 10 of The Bachelorette. Josh Murray made it pretty clear that he doesn’t care to see Andi ever again. It looks like that former romance won’t be getting another chance. There is another woman whom he met through the Bachelor franchise that will be getting a round two, though.

Rumors have been flying that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have reconciled, and he was nice enough to touch on that during the interview with Domenick Nati. Murray was very careful in choosing his words during the interview, but he did reveal that he recently moved back to Los Angeles.

There have been rumors that Josh moved back to L.A. to live with Amanda. Josh says there were “tons of incredible times” but also a lot of inconsistency. He wants to be with someone who can be his best friend. So it looks like Josh and Amanda aren’t over for good but probably not living together yet. So far, his living situation hasn’t been revealed, but Josh did admit that he and Amanda are trying to take things slow and reconcile their relationship. He did call himself single at the moment, but there were a few points in the interview where it was pretty telling that he wants to work things out with Amanda Stanton and is not trying to upset or disrespect her as they work it all out.

One of those points was when Josh revealed to Domenick that he had met Brody Jenner and spent a couple of nights partying with the Hollywood hanger-on. Josh describes Brody as “real down to Earth” and “a good dude.” Josh explained that he was supporting a friend of his from Bachelor in Paradise who also doubles as a deejay. It turns out that Brody also deejays so they ended up running into each other and connecting.

It looks like a bromance is in the works because he had great things to say about his new friend. When Domenick asked if Josh would be interested in dating Brody’s gorgeous sisters, he stumbled a little bit before taking the easy way out and citing his attempt to reconcile with Amanda Stanton as a reason to not comment on Brody’s sisters. He said it would just be disrespectful to even go there. Props to you Josh, that was very respectable and Amanda should definitely appreciate it!

If you’re looking to see Josh Murray on TV again, don’t go looking for him on the dating shows. It looks like he’s not trying to go that route again. Apparently, after doing The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and the reality show Famously Single, Josh Murray has learned his lesson about those dating shows and says that they haven’t ended in the best way for him in the past.

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