Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Rumored Specs Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s release date and specs are all just rumors for now, but connecting bits and pieces paint a pretty good picture of what’s coming after the Note 7. After facing two recalls, the Note brand is poised to make a comeback this year and once again earn the trust of its consumers.

But when will the Galaxy Note 8 be released? The internet is in disagreement with this topic as the Note 7 recall may have screwed up the traditional schedule of the phablet’s releases. There are three possibilities here, and each one seems likely.

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

Some speculations suggest that Samsung will still reveal the phablet in August or September, then launch it soon after. That’s the norm, so there’s a reason why people choose to put their confidence in this rumor. However, this rumor doesn’t consider the fact that a flagship phablet is missing from the company’s lineup and the tech giant has suffered major loss, which will definitely affect its decisions.

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It is also quite a common belief among the mobile enthusiasts that the South Korean company will launch a Note 8 sooner rather than later for the reasons mentioned above. To quickly recuperate from said loss and to fill in that glaring hole the Note 7 left, it might be better for Samsung to launch its successor earlier than August, the Inquisitr previously reported.

But there’s one thing about this rumor that wasn’t taken into account – Samsung’s flagship smartphone. The Galaxy S8 will be unveiled late March and will go on sale in April, which is later than usual. Observing the trend, the Note 8 should be expected later than the usual as well.

Furthermore, it’s best for the company to put a gap that is not too little nor too wide between the releases of flagships. The delay will also give Samsung enough time to test the new Note 8 thoroughly to make sure that the Note 7 fiasco does not happen again.

Galaxy Note 8 Specs, Features

When the Note 8 is released, though, it has to convince people to buy it despite the danger that its predecessor had been. There are bound to be consumers who have lost trust in the smartphone maker especially when the whole world made a huge deal out of it – which it is, because spontaneously combusting batteries in the pocket is never okay.

So, what should Samsung do for people to look past its mistakes? Offer an irresistible device, of course. Some of the best features that can be imagined for mobile phones this year are reportedly included in the Note 8, such as a 4K curved display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 underneath, and a 6GB RAM, per Droid Report.

A bigger, better, and safer battery is also expected especially after reports of a Samsung-Murata, which acquired Sony’s battery business a while ago, deal broke out. A dual-camera set-up similar to the iPhone 7 Plus’ may also make an appearance to compete with Apple and also to further distance itself from the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Other speculations include the iris scanner, which was first introduced by the Note 7, and a 6.2-inch screen. It is said that the front will sport thinner bezels and no physical home button to fit a bigger display into the dimensions of last year’s phablet, which would make for a sleeker look.

The fingerprint scanner will likely be located at the back, near the camera. Considering that the Galaxy Note 8 might have dual cameras, the scanner will likely be located below instead of directly beside it as seen on the Galaxy S8’s leaked design. This is a good thing, though, as people are already not liking the position of the scanner on Samsung’s flagship smartphones.

More information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be expected after the unveiling of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus on March 29 and then the launch on April 21.

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