‘The Bachelor’ Star Corinne Olympios Hooking Up With ‘BIP’ Villain Chad Johnson?

They were both standouts on their respective seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and it now appears as though Corinne Olympios is hooking up with Chad Johnson. Are the former reality TV villains dating?

The Daily Mail reports that Johnson dished on his romance with Olympios when discussing his possible return to Bachelor in Paradise in Season 4. While the two haven’t officially met, Johnson revealed that he helped Olympios deal with the attention of being labeled a villain on the show.

“I’ve texted her a little bit,” Johnson stated. “We talked about basically how she’s the bad guy. The villain starts off as the person who doesn’t care what people think, like I did.”

Chad Johnson and JoJo Fletcher [Image by ABC Television Network]

Johnson explained how Olympios started to feel the stress of being the villain and assured her that “it will be okay.” He did not, however, talk about the nature of their relationship and whether they plan on dating.

Instead, Johnson kept things simple and admitted that Olympios is cute.

“I just like that she’s funny and doesn’t care,” he added.

With Olympios getting so much attention, there’s a good chance that she’ll end up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. If Johnson decides to give it another go, then fans might get to watch their romance unfold on national TV. Whatever happens, Extra TV reports that Johnson assured his fans that things will be different when he returns to BIP.

“There will be no murdering, no fighting, no offending people, no super offending people. No bad words, no super bad words, just middle-ground bad words,” Johnson stated. “If I am redeemed… I’m older, I think I make better decisions now. When I drank at that point in my life, I went a little crazy – I don’t drink like that anymore.”

Meanwhile, People is reporting that Johnson, Olympios, and Olivia Caridi (the villain from Ben Higgins’ season) snapped a photo together at a pre-Oscars party last weekend.

Johnson shared the image on social media and added the caption, “We’re just misunderstood. Team Olichorinne.”

While the status of their romance is unknown, Corinne Olympios told Ellen DeGeneres that Johnson is actually a nice guy in person. After admitting that Johnson is “really cool,” Olympios shared how Johnson offered her support while she appeared on The Bachelor and told her that she’s “awesome.”

According to E! News, Olympios made it to the final four on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. Following her exit after this week’s episode, Olympios appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and discussed her rise to fame.

When Kimmel asked if she was a bad person, Olympios said that she’s not as bad as the show portrayed. She reminded everyone that the editing process cut out a lot of things she did that were kinder than what made it to the final broadcast. Even still, watching Viall send her home wasn’t easy.

“Watching it back was really hard for me today because we did just have a really great hometown date,” she stated. “Things just went really well and I was kind of shocked when I got sent home. I wasn’t ready for it at all.”

Corinne created drama from the very beginning this season on ‘The Bachelor.’ [Image by ABC Television Network]

Even though Olympios fell short on The Bachelor, she revealed that her longtime nanny, Raquel, was there to welcome her home. Although she caught a lot of grief from fans for still having a nanny, Olympios admitted that Raquel is more like family and has been with her through some tough times.

Olympios did not comment on the possibility of her appearing on Bachelor in Paradise, though Kimmel formally invited her to the new season.

New episodes of The Bachelor air Monday nights on ABC.

Tell us! Do you think Corinne Olympios and Chad Johnson are really an item, or are they just trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

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