‘One Piece’ Chapter 857 Manga Spoilers – Luffy And Sanji’s Attack On Wedding

Chapter 857 of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece may have been delayed by a week, but the series’ mangaka Eiichiro Oda has set the stage for some pretty intense confrontations as well as rescue missions that will undoubtedly keep the fans enthralled.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 856 spoilers and Chapter 857 speculations ahead]

Chapter 856 of One Piece manga finally allowed fans of the series to celebrate the reunion of Straw Hats captain Luffy D. Monkey and his “nakama” Sanji. Despite their last meeting ending with a very bloody conclusion, Luffy held no grudge against Sanji and welcomed him with open arms. Moreover, Luffy eagerly devoured the bento lunch box that Sanji was carrying, despite the poor physical state it was in.

Luffy had promised Sanji that he would remain hungry until the latter fed him a meal that was prepared by the chef himself. Against many odds, and even at the risk of passing out from acute starvation, Luffy kept up his end of the promise. Interestingly, Sanji did end up feeding Luffy a handmade meal.

Having finally consumed a full course meal, Luffy is back to his fighting shape and is eager to take on whatever challenge that lies ahead. However, an emotional wreck, Sanji attempts to send Luffy away from the Whole Cake Island. Despite having escaped Big Mom’s clutches, Sanji’s family is still unwittingly trapped within the Whole Cake Chateau. Moreover, his crewmates from the Baratie, including his mentor Zeff, are being held hostage by Big Mom.

It is amply clear that Sanji, who is the only Vinsmoke with emotional attributes like love, kindness, and compassion, won’t be able to abandon his family or the Baratie group. Hence in Chapter 857 of One Piece, it is likely that Black Leg will plead the Straw Hats captain to come up with a plan to rescue his family as well as the Baratie group. In the previous chapter, the only plan Luffy had managed to come up was storming the upcoming wedding of Black Leg and Lady Pudding.

None of Big Mom’s henchmen are aware that Sanji has escaped Whole Cake Chateau. Moreover, they are under the impression that majority of the Straw Hats gang has been apprehended and remains under the watchful eye of various ministers. However, the current situation couldn’t be farther from the assumptions. The entire Straw Hats gang that had reached the Whole Cake Island, including Jinbie, has managed to escape their respective confines. While the sharkman and others including Pedro, Brook, Nami, Carrot, and Chopper are within Brulee’s Magical Mirror World, Sanji and Luffy are in the meadows.

Interestingly, the group within the Mirror World is unaware of the whereabouts of the duo in the meadows because there are no reflective surfaces out in the open fields. Hence it is not clear how the two groups will unite. Nonetheless, the moment, Luffy and Sanji set foot in the Whole Cake Chateau, any mirror they pass by will holler their location to the group within the Mirror World. After that, Sanji and Luffy could easily be pulled in.

Once the entire group is reunited, the Straw Hats pirates could come up with a plan to mess up the wedding and help the Vinsmoke clan escape. However, it is not clear how the Baratie group, including Zeff, will be rescued from Charlotte Linlin’s clutches.

In the previous chapter of One Piece, Pedro had proven what a great thief he is. Despite being captured by Big Mom, the skeletal member of the Straw Hats gang, Pedro had managed not just to steal the highly coveted Road Poneglyphs but also had hidden them so well, none of his captors had any clue that Big Mom had been robbed.

When Luffy becomes aware of the fact that the Straw Hats pirates are in possession of the Road Poneglyphs, there is a slight chance that he might be tempted to head to shore. However, in the earlier chapter, Luffy had shown his selfless side by offering to rescue the Baratie. Chapter 857 of One Piece is expected to be released this week. Hopefully mangaka Eiichiro Oda offers some clues about Luffy’s intentions.

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