Emma Watson Bares A Lot In Racy Vanity Shoot

Emma Watson seems to be pushing her boundaries as seen in her latest shoot for Vanity Fair magazine in which she bares it all.

Watson’s new photo shoot for Vanity Fair could be her most revealing shoot yet, thus making it quite a treat to her fans. The young actress graced the cover of the magazine while putting up her cleavage for display in a rather racy feature in which she is seen braless and only covered in a showy white outfit.

Emma Watson like never seen before

Emma’s cover photo features her in an intricately designed white gown by Oscar De La Renta which has an open design on the top with falling shoulders thus revealing a lot of skin. This particular photo was a bit more conservative because her chest was covered up. The 26-year-old not only did the racy shoot but also opened up about her acting career and her stunning transformation from a child star to one of the leading female stars in the industry.

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Emma as a feminine icon

Watson’s new shoot highlights the fact that she has gained more fame for her feminist views as well as her activism endeavors. She became quite controversial when she was 18-years-old for refusing to let stylists determine her image.

“My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder,” Watson pointed out during an interview.

Emma further added that she had no intention of stripping down just for fun or for any other reason though she added that she would only do it for iconic art house director Bernardo Bertolucci. Meanwhile, her new Vanity Fair shoot almost comes close to the very thing that she said she would not do.

Watson rose to fame thanks to the Harry Potter franchise which thrust her into the limelight at a tender age. However, she has gone on to acquire more interesting roles thanks to her impressive resume. She even got a chance to act in the latest reboot of the Disney classic, Beauty and The Beast, a role that suits her very much especially on account of her beauty and physique.

Emma’s role as Belle in the film has been described as a coming of age story for her and also positioned her on the Oscars spotlight. She, however, claims that she has no desire to win an Oscar. It was also said that she had been selected first to star in La La Land, but Emma stone was chosen instead because Watson was too demanding.

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“I couldn’t care less if I won an Oscar or not if the movie didn’t say something that I felt was important for people to hear,” the young actress explained.

She gave the film credit for helping her become a woman. She noted that she felt as if the film helped her transition to becoming a woman especially on-screen. She also pointed out that Bella is an active character that is determined to take charge of her own destiny which is why she felt that she was ideal for the film. Emma who usually uses her celebrity status to promote women’s rights was determined to merge into the character to the best of her ability.

While the female star did a great job with her role in the film, she also aced the Vanity Fair shoot which also ended up being controversial because she showed off more than she usually does. Nevertheless, she still looks stunningly beautiful in the photos from the shoot which can only be described as masterpieces. The fact that Emma also chose to almost bare it all for the Vanity Fair shoot makes it even more interesting.

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