2NE1’s Dara, Minzy, Bom Reminisce Fun Times For CL’s Birthday, Fans Ecstatic

2NE1 is definitely “friendship goals.” The girls of the phenomenal K-Pop group – Dara, Minzy, and Bom – showed their unwavering love and support to CL as she celebrated her birthday last month. Blackjacks were ecstatic as the group showcased their sisterly love on social media.

On February 26, 2NE1’s lead vocalist and rapper CL celebrated her 27th birthday. The Lifted singer was greeted by thousands of fans, popularly known as Blackjacks. CL’s big day became even more special when her former bandmates shared their birthday wishes online. Fans admired how the girls remain good friends despite their split and controversies.

Dara, 32, took to Instagram and share her sweet birthday greeting for CL. The singer posted a photo of her and CL together in a complete birthday vibe with cake and party hats. The two were all smiles in the picture which was actually taken last year.

Meanwhile, Bom, 32, also shared a throwback picture of 2NE1 to commemorate CL’s special day. Bom posted a photo of her with Dara and CL wearing fancy dresses in what seems to be a set for a music video. The image was captioned with “Happy Birthday~~CL #CL#Bom#Dara#2ne1#happybirthdaycl#dopeCLdayscongratz”. Fans were pleased that Bom mentioned 2NE1 in her hashtags, making the post more sentimental.

However, many were quick to notice that the hashtag did not include fellow member Minzy. Some fans speculated that the group, especially Bom, still has hard feelings towards the youngest 2NE1 member. It can be recalled that Minzy left the group and joined Music Works to pursue a solo music career.

Fans expressed their disappointment about Minzy’s exclusion from Bom’s post. One fan commented, “Love the pic, but I’m somehow sad because #Minzy isn’t on it.. if you tag #2ne1 then it should be the 4 of you and not only #CL #Dara & #Bom. Still loving all of you #Blackjack’s fighting.” Another one wrote, “I feel kind of melancholic that Minzy isn’t in the picture.”

On the other hand, Minzy, 23, shared her birthday greeting for CL on Twitter. The singer posted a photo of her and CL on stage during one of their performances. The picture was captioned with “@chaelin CL Happy birthday Sis!! God bless u xX!!” Fans were also quick to notice that Minzy did not mention the rest of 2NE1 members, Dara and Bom, in her post.

Despite some negativity, the majority of 2NE1’s fans were ecstatic to see the girls somehow reunited once again for CL’s big day. It has been a while when Blackjacks last saw the group together so having them posting throwback photos of each other bring back good memories.

Meanwhile, the birthday girl CL was also caught in a controversy when several fans criticized her for allegedly posing “topless” and posted it on Instagram. The Baddest Female singer posted a thank you message for all the birthday greetings along with a photo where she appears to be topless. While some of her believe that CL was indeed topless, many also insisted that she was actually wearing a fitted tank top. It was later on clarified when another post showed CL’s back view, where a tank top is clearly visible.

To recall, the K-Pop community was shocked when it was confirmed that the girl group behind the hit songs I Don’t Care and Ugly was disbanded. Back in November, 2NE1’s agency, YG Entertainment, suddenly announced that the girls would have to break up as a group. The agency also revealed the reasons why 2NE1 had to break up, including Minzy’s decision to pursue a solo career and Bom’s unrenewed contract following her drug-related scandal. CL also shared how she tried her best to make things work for the group and even postponing her solo music career in the U.S.

“And I hope you all know, YG, the members & I, we all really tried to make things work. I left everything behind and was in Korea all summer working on our album, but it fell apart…tough times…”

2NE1 members CL, Dara, Minzy, and Bom are currently busy with their respective projects. CL is now officially an international artist with chart-topping hits including Lifted. On the other hand, Dara recently made guest appearances internationally as well and is set to host Get It Beauty 2017. Meanwhile, Minzy postponed her solo music career to focus on her acting in KBS’ Slam Dunk Unnies Season 2. As for Bom, the singer is allegedly prepping for her music comeback which fans have been anticipating for quite a while.


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