‘The Bachelor’ Corinne Olympios Is Done With Red Roses, To Star In Her Own Show?

The Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios was recently sent home packing while crying over how she’s done with worshipping men – something she reiterated on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Speaking with the host, she revealed what exactly she would do with men bearing red roses.

“If anyone ever tries to give me red roses again, I think I might punch them in the face,” the reality star told Jimmy Kimmel, per The Hollywood Gossip.

This is not the first time she expressed her changed views of men and relationships. When Corinne Olympios was on her way home from The Bachelor, she knew what exactly was her downfall. And now she claims that she’s done with impressing “these men.”

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Corinne tearfully left The Bachelor after Nick Viall favored the more wife-material women instead of the fun girl who was literally throwing herself at him. Her wild actions gained her the title of the show’s villain, but she claimed she was just being herself and she didn’t do anyone wrong.

But it seems that was the wrong move. As happy and unapologetic as she could be, Nick could not imagine a married life with her, thus she was sent home back to the Olympios household. Still, Corinne learned her important lesson in The Bachelor and that is not to kiss up to a man ever again.

“I just want to feel loved, the way it’s supposed to be. The normal way. Why can’t I just have a normal relationship? I’m trying to say things that men think are appropriate, and you know what? I’m done trying to show my men how much I worship them and I love them and I support them…”

Many were waiting for this moment – for The Bachelor villain to go home. However, it seems that going away from the show is not the end of Corinne Olympios’ television career. A Bachelor in Paradise slot might be reserved for her, and Nick himself is pushing for it to happen.

“She will be Paradise,” Nick told E! News before begging Corinne to “please do Paradise!”

On Olympios’ side, she still hasn’t gotten an official offer from the series, so fans have yet to see whether she’ll try her luck once again – with her refreshed outlook in men – in finding love in a reality TV show.

Besides, the “villain” might even be too busy for Bachelor in Paradise as apparently, there are a lot of networks that have approached her for her own show. Her nanny Raquel, who singlehandedly won the hearts of many viewers, might be featuring alongside her grown up baby as well as the other members of the Olympios family.

“I think America is interested in me having a reality TV show with my family, my family is awesome, as you all could tell on my hometown date. America totally wants it, I hear it all the time. There is a lot of talk about, I’m going to say a lot of networks are interested. Obviously, my loyalty is here with ABC and things like that. So there’s still a lot of stuff to be worked out, but we’ll see what comes in the future.”

She might even star as the next Bachelorette, as she expressed her interest in doing so. However, the opportunity still hasn’t presented itself to the brokenhearted Florida native.

Nevertheless, Corinne is yet to decide on which path she will take next. Will she try to find love again in Bachelor in Paradise or Bachelorette? Or would she rather star in her own show with her nanny and the Olympios family?

Meanwhile, Nick Viall is getting close to The Bachelor finale, where he will choose the one girl who stood out above the rest. Who among Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa will capture Nick’s heart?

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