Kim Kardashian Shares Her Very Unglamorous Workout Routine

Kim Kardashian has been the face of glamour and wealth for nearly 10 years now. Recently, she has been in the news for her post-pregnancy workout routines. Over the last couple of weeks, Kim shared that she is only about seven pounds away from her ideal weight of 120 lbs., and has been working hard to reach her goal following the birth of Saint West in 2015.

However, although she is the picture of wealth. Forbes reported that the reality TV star made $51 million in 2016. Her video game alone has made millions. But the millionaire doesn’t always have the most glamorous lifestyle — and that is probably largely to do with being a mom.

On Monday, Kim shared videos of her workout routine via Snapchat. Instead of showing herself in a gym with a personal trainer, Kim revealed that her workout is often a bit more down to earth.

Rather than head to a gym, Kim often resorts to her garage for an evening workout. Now there’s a scenario her fans can relate to!

In the videos, Kim does a variety of different workout routines and exercises while wearing leggings and her go-to Yeezys. Kim reportedly resorts to working out in her garage when her night has been busy with caring for her two children, North and Saint West. Once her son and daughter are in bed, she hits the garage for some rigorous sets of exercises.

On Tuesday, Refinery29 noted that Kim has also been working on her jump roping skills. The star shared via Snapchat (once again) that she has some great jump rope routines — ones that even Khloe and Kourtney can’t nail.

“After gloating about surpassing her sisters in this particular skill, she gives them a chance to try it themselves. They both do a decent job, but they haven’t perfected the arm movements like she has. Seriously, when has she had time to practice all this?”

The news source also said, as many know, that Kim is not the only sister who shares workout information.

“Kim’s not the only athlete in her family. Khloe’s got her own exercise video to teach her fans lower body workouts–and, of course, a show centered on fitness. Meanwhile, Kendall works outside the spotlight by herself or with a personal trainer, but she’s got a killer playlist.”

The Inquisitr reported last week that Kim and Kourtney have been hanging out, taking their kids out for lunch and playdates. This is not surprising since North West and Penelope Disick have long shown sign of true friendship, often holding hands when walking together. It seems like the cousins will be as close as the Kardashian sisters are.

Four-year-old Penelope Disick is not only attached to her cousin, North, but also seems to look up to Aunt Kim. The Inquisitr said on Monday that Kourtney Kardashian posted a photo of her and Penelope watching the Oscars. The photo caught the attention of the public — but not necessarily because it was a cute picture of a mom and daughter, but because young Penelope was sporting a lip ring.

The lip ring, which is fake, was apparently a gift from Kim, who has often sported a similar one. Many took issue with the picture, however, stating that it was inappropriate for a 4-year-old to be wearing a lip ring.

Kim, meanwhile, has been having some trouble of her own. While she and Kanye were reportedly not on the invite list to various post-Oscars parties, Kim has been dealing with some private issues of her own. These include her robbery in Paris, where the star was bound and robbed. She had millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen.

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