‘Counting On’ Viewers Think They’ve Pinpointed Joy Duggar’s Wedding Date

Joy Duggar’s courtship and probable marriage have been a major part of the storyline for the reality show, Counting On, this season. Alongside Jinger Duggar’s wedding to Jeremy Vuolo, and pregnancies for both Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald, it’s been part of the Duggar family’s reality show theme: courtships, weddings, and pregnancies.

Now, fans believe they’ve determined exactly when Joy Duggar, who is only 19, will wed her husband-to-be, Austin Forsyth.

Forsyth’s family has had a long working relationship with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who have spoken at retreats on the Forsyth family’s Fort Rock Family Camp — a place where they hold conservative Christian events, and where the Duggar family has offered marital advice to couples.

Pause here a moment to recall that Michelle Duggar’s advice to newlywed couples includes warning women to be “joyfully available” for sex, even if they are “exhausted and big pregnant and you may not feel like he feels.”

If there was any question about whether the Forsyth’s share the fundamentalist beliefs of the Duggar family, or whether Joy’s marriage will be an escape into pants-wearing, working outside the home, and making her own choices about birth control and family planning, and if the fact that they feature Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar as speakers doesn’t answer it, US Weekly covered some facts about the Forsyth family.

Just like the Duggars, Austin’s family insists that the kids wear modest clothing and take a vow to save sex for marriage and their first kiss for their wedding day. Other rules from the episode include waking up at 6:30 a.m. every morning to work in the family camp and not closing bedroom doors.

If Joy Duggar’s marriage means joining Austin in helping his family run their business, it sounds like she won’t be experimenting with any more liberal forms of Christianity.

When does that happen? Viewers closely following the Duggar family think they may have pinpointed Joy’s wedding date — and if so, it will take place before her twentieth birthday.

In the Duggar family, courtships tend to be brief, with weddings following closely — and pregnancies following closely after the wedding. Heavy reports, for instance, that Jeremy Vuolo proposed to Jinger Duggar after only a month of courtship — and they had been courting for only about five months before their wedding.

Joy and her parents announced her courtship in November of 2016. Though they didn’t establish whether the courtship began at that point, or had been going on under wraps for some time, this means that April 2017 marks at least five months for the couple.

In what might be complete coincidence, the Fort Rock Family Camp has a private event scheduled for April 27th through the 30th. The event is listed as a ‘Family Conference’ but the URL (which includes a date in April of 2015) and captures on the web archive Way Back Machine both demonstrate that the page has been recycled and updated with new April events over the past few years.

In what might also be a complete coincidence, or simply an advertising agreement, the Duggar family recently advertised the Forsyth family’s business, both on their Facebook page and their blog, making mention of Joy Anna Duggar’s relationship with Austin Forsyth and linking directly to the calendar where the mysterious private event is marked.

Of course, the Duggar family has advertised for Fort Rock before, even offering a testimonial on the camp’s website.

If you’re searching for an affordable getaway with your family, we highly recommend Fort Rock!
Who knows? We might see you there!

However, this time the Duggar couple happened to direct fans mighty closely to minimal information about a private event taking place just as Joy DUggar’s courtship announcement hits the five-month mark. They also offered the link only a few days before the Duggar family’s reality show would feature Austin asking for permission to propose to Joy.

None of this guarantees that Joy Duggar, who was still a minor during the scandals surrounding Josh Duggar’s police reports (which described molestation of five underage girls, including a five-year-old sibling) and infidelity, has a wedding scheduled already, for the last weekend of April at her husband-to-be’s family business.

However, it’s definitely got fans (and not-so-much-fans, who worry about the young girl being married off in such a hurry after the scandals and so shortly after becoming an adult) speculating, with viewers on Tumblr even asserting that a Fort Rock employee has leaked that the event is indeed a wedding.

Do you think Joy Duggar’s wedding has already been scheduled, after less than half a year of courtship and with her still under twenty years old?

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